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How to laser shotgun: this is how you make lasers on small units combat effective!

(2018-05-06, 02:21 AM)MizarLuke Wrote: Welcome to the forums! You may not know yet, but "necroing" (posting new posts to old threads that are not very relevant), is discouraged because it often brings upold, irrelevant threads, blocking out newer relevant threads.

Given that this method still works, and it's the only tutorial describing the process.  This remains the newest, most relevant thread we have on the subject. 

To answer Darth google:  you are incorrect, you can do it with smaller Xx3x3 systems it won't be quite as spectacular, but this will still give you quite a bit of bang for your space.  While draining the entire cavity line certainly helps, it's not a requirement.  Further, this was written before 3m pumps were available, meaning you can now put essentially 8 pumps on a single cavity instead of just 4 (3m count as 3, and you can orient them sideways).  Just utilizing the new 3m pumps can allow you to cut ARCANGELLO's original required number of cavities in half (or keeping it the same to cut charge time and up rate of fire).  I've built a few systems with this method that were significantly shorter, and i even stacked several side-by-side to provide a system with several full 'shots' in a given burst.  

The original reason I personally discontinued development of a small-ship system was that they still suffer from the terrible accuracy of all lasers and I just couldn't mount 3x3 optic lines the same length as my ship . . . now that we have turrets-on-turrets one can cut out all the steering optics and make aesthetically pleasing lasers the length of the old APS guns.  Hopefully in the next few rounds of changes we'll either get better laser looks, or laser-like accuracy with optic lines a fraction of their current length.
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