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How to laser shotgun: this is how you make lasers on small units combat effective!

I've been building lasers for a good while now and I just wanted to share a very peculiar way to build laser systems making even 100 block arrays viable against higher difficulty campaign designs.

I've come to name it "Laser shotgun"; not for the inaccuracy but because of the very high damage it unleashes every time it fires. It uses a 1Q system with storage cavities to allow it to always keep charging but only firing under 10 times a minute. Just remember to set the local weapon controller firing the combiner to 0.10 "rounds" a minute.

Here are the stats of said laser system for you to be able to replicate it on your units. I used the most block efficient method of building a laser of this kind, that is having 4 pumps for each cavity and using 3x3 storage cavities.

This is the ratio you have to respect in order to get the "laser shotgun" with a reload time of 10 seconds

Number of storage cavities: X

Number of cavities: X*5

Number of laser pumps: X*20

Number of destabilizers for every cavity of the laser system: 5

If you want the laser shotgun to charge more than 10 seconds after each shot remember to do some math and calculate how many more storage cavities you will need to add to avoid times where the laser stops charging without adding any more laser pumps.

using such a system, you will get to deal 335 damage for each laser pump in your multipurpose laser every 10 seconds, you could potentially build a laser system able to punch thru two layers of Heavy Armor but fitting on a 300 block unit nevertheless.

I hope this explaination of the "laser shotgun" is exhaustive and that I managed to showcase the very high potential it has. For every question and uncertainty make sure to comment down here and I'll make sure to anwer and clarify. Have Fun with the thing, yes because I am also giving you a very basic laser shotgun: it's quite litterally a small floating mass of engines that points at the enemy and fires a 400 laser pump laser system every 10 seconds. It has 6 combiners to spread the damage a bit and never overpenetrate, but you could totally reduce the number of combiners to just make it able to potentially ammorack every vehicle it fights against.

P.S. I am building an SD vehicle with a 1000 pump WA assisted laser shotgun as main weaponry that will only fire 4 times a minute but will basically punch a hole thru anything you throw at it. Sweet dreams Big Grin

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