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The great faction diversification-and-switch-a-roo (with associated reworks)

Alright, so in essence I intend to switch around the places of the Reefback Wreckers and the Iron Devotion, making the Wreckers the first faction the player faces. The territories held by each will remain roughly the same, though.

On a related note, the Iron Devotion rather needs an aesthetic overhaul, as most of its ships look rather bland, not to mention that they're now underperforming for their place in the campaign. I'll be accepting submissions for the Iron Devotion again, and rewriting their build guidelines as necessary.

Oooooo... ill be having a look soon
You can't classify something as "spaghetti"
if you don't have something "non-spaghetti"
to compare it to.

-A kind Ale War

Update: Having been inspired by the DWG's pirate-lord-specific fleets, I have had an awful idea: DIVERSIFICATION.
Namely, I would like to pull the same thing off with the Wreckers and the Monarchy.
What does this mean? More variety, for a start! The Monarchy will now accept steampunk designs from all walks of life! Except spaceships!
Also the Wreckers' air forces desperately need reworking. There's plenty of stuff in there that needs either a makeover or a complete replacement.
There's probably something else I haven't mentioned yet but it's half 1, I'm tired, and about to go to bed. I'll sort it tomorrow. Maybe.

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