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Poll: Which of these should I go for? (Will go for the two highest results)
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Story Missions
2 13.33%
Faction Campaigns
4 26.67%
Campaign Events
6 40.00%
Adventure Mode...?
3 20.00%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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Campaign events? Faction campaigns? Story missions?

(2016-11-05, 04:39 PM)mrvecz Wrote: Events are sweet when you know what you are doing
Even though they are really lacking, some stuff like basic "quests" are possible

For example, a faction (That is not hostile to you) could give you a quest to destroy a x vehicle (The vehicle could be a super steroid version of something that will sit somewhere stationary, so in regular campaign you would mostly evade it, because it is not in your way)

Destroying x vehicle will give you something
For example their vehicle

How to do that

1) Go to player faction
2) Add the desired vehicle (The reward vehicle)
3) Go to the campaign instance and place the reward vehicle somewhere (Where it will appear after you complete the quest)
4) Set the spawn time to 9999999999999 (So it will never spawn on its own)

5) Create a event with the faction describing their offer (This should be timed event that will trigger after x time, but it could be triggered by anything you want)

5.5) Create additional event
6) Triggered by x (x= the quest vehicle) HP bellow 20%
7) Outcome = Spawn Y (y = the reward vehicle)
8) Dont forget to include some sort of message, where the faction will thank you and will tell you where is the vehicle

That was something like what I had in mind, though ideally I'd like to have events be able to lock/unlock various vehicles in an AI faction's arsenal.

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