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(post your) Teaser

(2018-10-11, 01:25 AM)Zagskrag Wrote: [Image: s8AB0nb.png]

To be completed in: maybe one day

Love it. The bow is really nice and unconventional.

Scrapped the BF-2 - it was just too narrow and tall. There's a smart way to build and having a 40m long bow section just to house propulsion, missiles and a magazine isn't very smart, even if the armor layout ended up being pretty much what I wanted.

[Image: 72E05A26450BE1CA323145B07DA78A31B169BAF6]
The night is dark and full of terrors.

[Image: Rfx0PSa.jpg]

As if one gun was somewhat overkill
I build for building not efficiency, just add more cannons an it will work

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