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(post your) Teaser

Construction completed! This is an early stage for my development to make the... Stitches horrors project by using all the fallen ships combine into the one to make them work in orders. This ship is the Heavy Cruiser for the  Sorguna Bandit Corp. Designed to harass the enemy in the mid-range combat by using all the weapons to beat the enemies. Crams, APS, Missiles, Particle Canons, Simple Weapons. except for lasers. They are favors on the looted Refinery to make their Engines work much longer... and use the Custom jets to boost their speed to chase the speed craft.

[Image: ij4m0kY.gif]

As always... feel free to visit my Custom Campaign site link below.

[Image: AA64C30D04EB9470009471D22A0E21367FCA2993]

After more than 750 playing hours, this is still the biggest ship i built myself and use. At just 94m it still packs enough power and durability to serve as fleet flagship for now.

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