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P-33 one axis multi-PAC turret (405 tubes in total)

Just a smaller and more cramped version of the P-32.

It's got 3 identical PACs instead of 5 but they got 135 tubes instead of just 101. I also equipped the turret with minimal heavy armor(I may increase the heavy armorlayering if the thrustercraft 4 of these are going to be mounted on can handle it), shield projector array to set up a 4 layer system later and surge protectors around them.

Given X amount of particle tubes, a P-33 turret array will have less rate of fire than the P-32s but will do more damage per shot. I am going to use this turret in my next attempt at a PAC thrustercraft. I'm at the fourth already but I got a good feeling about this one.

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.blueprint   PAC turret 33.blueprint (Size: 168.36 KB / Downloads: 114)
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(2017-01-23, 04:32 PM)Shade Wrote: I think you can basically stack infinite shields in an arc

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P-33 one axis multi-PAC turret (405 tubes in total) - by ARCAGNELL0 - 2016-10-24, 03:16 PM

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