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[LH] graviton railgunner

Weaponry : graviton railgun, laser
Defence : LMD, low powered shields, warp drive

This is not strong, but funny vehicle. Yeah, really a vehicle, yet be able to hover on the sea. I temporary name this "blackhole", but I feel it's a bit strange for graviton ram attacker. Any better name would be appreciated.

The graviton ram is explained as "created by LH for WF", but I've never seen both of them use it. That's because I made this, though possibly just I don't know what vehicle have it.

Basically this vehicle stick to the ground, but I'll change this to hovercraft if LH must always fly.
Sometimes this vehicle gets collision damage when warps into the mountain. I put many wheels and rubbers under the body as much as volume count allows, but it still caught some damage. I hope rubber slope will fix it.

[Image: Om23blIl.jpg]
[Image: vIjlW6Ql.jpg]
[Image: 88dhceRl.jpg]

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.blueprint   Blackhole.blueprint (Size: 85.41 KB / Downloads: 54)

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