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Smashing Neter, Hikari's Campaign

I'll just dump my campaigns information here. Yes, Campaigns. I plan to speed run the Neter campaign to see how quickly it can be done. Using ingame time of course.

The first campaign is not a speed run, but a test of a battle platform and weapon systems.

2.5x Godly/Godly Difficulty Run "Burning Neter" 1414% *90% Completed*
Since this run has been going for a while. This is mainly to point on some, hopefully, fun statistics I kept on my notepad and issues and stuff I came found along the way.

Quick Faction Stats
I do not mean to offend anyone with my ranking of ships and things. Everyone has different experiences. This is all from this campaign's experience with my use of almost only 900k dmg PAC Guns.

Deep Water Guards 1st Defeated
(The resource was at .10 for until the end of DWG)
No ships lost, 99% wiped out.
Used mainly a mix of a scout cruiser with heavy AA and hover Gunships (Missile and APC)
Capture every ship I could for scrap. Never saw a Kraken.

White Flayers 1st Declaration (by me), 3rd Defeated
Mountains of Cheese victory
First PAC Gunships built and sent to the WF. LH and OW had 150 Tiles along the border while WF only had 30. They were the easy target. I used the mountains to my advantaged and always stayed on the other side, shooting through it.

Hardest WF Ship: DragonClaw, yes the Dragonclaw
DragonClaw managed to latch on and destroy the first PAC Gunship in my run (already fighting GT) Was the first ship to deal substantial dmg.
Easiest WF Ship: None, none of them died in 1 or 2 shots.
Toughest WF Ship: Guillotine,
that thing does not die quickly, for its small size.
Most Annoying WF Ship: Dragon Claw,
after killing them with no issue. Suddenly after 1 DragonClaw killed my Gunship, they all were able to hit me consistently. Annoying not in a bad way here.
Best Looking All of them, but a little less on Zealot. Turret too square D:

No issues with WF, except the Ram ships, like the Zealot tend to fly into the air after breaking their gun. Or the death spiral of hitting only the wing on the Dragon Claw.

Lightning Hoods 2nd Declaration (on me), 2nd Defeated
Guerrilla Warfare Victory
Strategy: Best missile and laser defense possible on gunships. With Sonar bouy torpedoes. Capture any sub out of water. Declare cheese on subs when they're over land for resources. They declared on me, they get no mercy :<

Hardest LH Ship: Hydrovolt
The addition of wheels surprised me, I stopped my shooting and jumped off, to find that it was still functional
Easiest LH Ship: Any LH with only Laser for weapons.
Having "perfect" laser defenses, negated all their viable weapons if it was only Lasers. The missiles did hurt when it was there.
Toughest LH Ship: The two Balloon Tumor, the one that looks like it belongs to SD, and the flying Orea Tumor Mass.
Too many balloons, when they were shot down into the water, the balloons only prolong their demises. I remember Majyst saying godlies fliers don't need balloons because if they hit the water, they are dead anyways. This was for SD but I think it should apply here too. LH are fragile ships, and when they hit the water, it was over. The balloons only kept them from the 80% death.
Toughest/Most Annoying/Cheesiests/Hardest/Easiest Ship GammaRay
Nuff said. Remove it.

Noteable Stats:
3 Captured Hydrovolts
Those Skyscrapers were so beautiful. LH has the best looking structures.
1 PAC Gun Ships lostin joint battle, lost a ton of Owls though.

The Fight with LH started to hint at my issue, lack of vision.
LH were also the first to constantly flank me.
Only issue was the balloon tumor masses, it just looked silly. The hydrovolt once ran off the map, I had to reload my campaign because I couldn't catch it off the map, since my ship is manually controlled. Gamma Rays, idk if its the PID, but they are terrible design movement. AI will never ever hit them. I hit them 100% manually firing at them which was my work around.

Onxy Watch 3rd Declaration (on me), 5th Defeated
"rnJesus Cram shots, everytime"
Strategy: I underestimated them a lot, and lost the most ships to them. I never brought in the PAC Gunships until after losing everything.

Hardest, Toughest, Most Annoying OW Ship: Warrior
I brought mainly gattling guns to fight OW. The Warrior's shielding was extremely effective. At one point, having over 10 gattling guns firing it from every direction, it took about 5 minutes to finally kill it. Annoying because how long it took to kill.
Easiest OW Ship: Huskarl, Chancellor
Since i created the Huskarl, and battled tested it against the Chancellor countless times. it was hell for my Dakka Spammers to win, but when I brought the PAC gunships, I knew where to aim for the AI. Also the chain reaction of ammo was fun to watch.

Notable Stats:
Lost: 7 Butterfly Haulers, 12 Dakka Gunships, 6 Missile Gunships, 3 Cruisers, 1 Huskarl.
They ambushed me like 7 to 1 at the Onxy throne, and I brought a big fleet.

Grey Talons 4th Declartion (on me), 4th Defeated
Dirty Magicians spitting out fleets from thin air
Strategy: Similar to WF, strong projectile defense. Diverted forces from WF's front to GT after the suprise declartion. A lot of Manual pinpoint shots to cripple the GT Ships

Strongest, Toughest, Scariest GT Ship: Thunderclap
This thing never dies, the missiles hurt, I was never able to capture one.
Easiest GT Ship: Kobold, Hunchback, Werebat.
Hunchback shot itself, Kobold, for its size was disabled rather quickly. Werebats spawned in the water Sad.
Most Annoying GT Ship: Back Peddling Zepplins
My Ships go faster backwards than forwards, but they were close ranged. The GT ships kept flying away which made it hard to catch. The biggest one being the Kobold.
4 Lost PAC Gunships.
All by suprise ambushes. 1 Joint with LH Forces. 1 by lack of fuel. 2 credited to the Thunderclap, for crippling 1 before being destroyed, and 1 in straight combat, out survived my fuel tank and destroyed me.
GT caused me to rebuild, and send the most forces to the Eastern front with LH. GT kept pumping out 4 forces onto my ships, even catching the ones retreating for fuel or to regroup. Excellent AI movement and really took advantage of my lack of sight from LH destroying all my sight.
Most of the large ships were too reliant on 1 or 2 big guns. Pac were able to easily disable them immediately. Another issue was the permanent smoke. It causes too much lag. I hate degraded mode so I constantly tried to keep away from it.

Scarlet Dawn 5th Declaration (by me), 6th Defeated
Pretty sure those FP are too low

Hardest SD Ship: Wyvern, DarkShrine
These things actually forced me to use Impact and EMP, they shrugged off 2 PAC barrages like nothing and kept going.Darkshrine overcame my defenses with ease. I actually had to clear all the tiles around it and bring in 3 ships to take it out.
Toughest SD Ship: Darkstar, DarkShrine
Darkstar was very tank, unless most large ships that were disabled easily. It had the tendancy to float upside, which helped it survive. Darkshrine's unique build made it hard to take out. I had to use pure EMP and Impact to take it out in a 3v1.
Most Annoying/ Easy SD Ship:
1 shot took out its turret. It became the fastest cruiser after that.
Easiest SD Ship: Sky Hentai Satellite.
It spawned in space only a few times, but it was touchy and always came down to say Hello.

4 PAC gunships downed.
3 to Wyvern, 2 from crippling damage from missiles, 1 from Kamikaze Strikes
1 Completed blown away by the DarkShrine, 87% vs 0%.
Similar to GT, the smoke was laggy D:

Steel Striders 6th Declaration (by me), 7th Defeated
Fighter Spam is real
Strategy: Lots and Lots of Flares. I mounted Large AA guns on my SHips to assist them.

Hardest SS Ship: Raptor and Fury combo.
They exploited my weakness and were very numerous and effective. They also killed my rambot the most too.
Toughest SS Ship: Black Current (i think its name)
It detonated a nuke when I captured it D: Was very sturdy and no obvious weakspots to be sniped.
Easiest SS Ship: Anything without missiles/ the submarines

The Raptor and Fury combo downed 2 PAC Gunships. They were a nightmare for me. They countered me very hard. I mounted gigantic Flak guns to take them out but they were so numerous and persistant, with those very effective missiles.

Twin Guard 6th Declaration (by me), 8th Defeated
Felt like fighting the Zerg if they were the protoss :3

Strategy: Lots of extra missile turrets, tight frag dispersions and EMP.

Hardest TG Ship: All the Drone Carriers
They were all very tanky and well built. It was hard to take them out quickly and not be swarmed by the small drones.
Hardest/Easiest/Weakest/Toughest/Most Annoying: All the Drones
They were easy to put down, but hard to kill. With enough of them together, they'd repair from 1 barrel block. They swarmed by ship that had difficulty fighting in close ranges, and they actually do damage. They were annoying when they went into death spirals, especially when they start spinning away in the water. 90% of the time I'd break every block in 1 volley but there were times they were like some undead horde.
Best Looking: All the mechs
TOo bad I didn't see enough of them. They're my most favorite crafts in the game. And i wanted to make some myself.

1 Down PAC Gunship, 5 Corrupted Game states.
They for some reason had the most fleets spawn out. It is fun fighting them, but the danger of being unable to continue if something goes wrong did remove some of the enjoyment. There were many bugs with fighting TG, and it only happens with them from my own experiences. Espcially the -100+ s of destroyed, the stuck under the world, the random fly out (check the battle pics). I've put more time into TG than I did for the rest of the campaign combined.
I do wish they spawned more Mechs, since they pose a much greater threat. But the whole swarm fight is fun, very fun. Its like no other faction. They truely are small, but possibly dead drones. I wish there was just less lag associated with them. TG was the laggiest of all the factions, even out beating Smoke-fest GT. At 10k battle size I was stuck in degraded, sometimes even with graphics and all quality down to 0.

Final Results:
[Image: m7pxDYYl.jpg]
[Image: qH1flZ6l.jpg]

Look at how the battle spread is. TG is overloaded.

Now time for planning on how to get this down to under 2hours ingame time. Probably a lot of specialized builds need to be done.
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