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Campaign: How to defeat the first fortress?

I've been playing the campaign, and I've taken a bunch of enemy territories, and destroyed dozens of enemy ships, but I can't defeat a fortress, or even come close.

My ship is a small missile ship ~20 blocks long, ~8 blocks wide, 4 X 4 Length missiles and 1 torpedo. The front has sloping metal armor, and it holds up well against small fleets of intermediate enemies, but the Deepwater Guard fortress destroys it almost instantly in a hail of explosive shells.

I tried upgrading this ship to be longer with thicker armor and a gun, but that doesn't buy much time. Designs on the Workshop with huge cannons and thick armor are effective (at least in the designer), but they cost way too much.

Tactics/ship advice for early game fortress destruction would be appreciated. Maybe I need to switch to an air vehicle? Or do I need to farm more resources until I can build a giant ship like the ones on the Workshop?

TLDR, How did you kill your first fortress?

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Campaign: How to defeat the first fortress? - by AdmiralRoland - 2014-10-31, 05:18 PM

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