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LH Wild Winghead

Here's an album where you can view pictures of the Winghead.
[Image: 9nBrZpDl.jpg]
  • Laser on a two-axis turret fires 1840 pulsed damage, 15 AP, .23 inaccuracy
  • Hovers around 10-14 meters above the ground, has rear-facing thrusters mounted on the front which activate when the ship is particularly low to the ground, as this is assumed to generally happen when a slope is rapidly approaching (doesn't always prevent damage if going full speed ahead towards a steep hill)
  • 63k fuel, about 6.8k engine power when everything's running
  • Moves over 40m/s in a straight line, is capable of relatively tight turns. The tail is far back, which provides strong pitch control, preventing the forward thrust from sending the hovercraft high into the air.
  • 1979 volume (dropping down to 1 turret got me back under the limit)
  • Has naval AI/fire control/hearthstone/rudder/propeller/firing prioritization/camera & radar passive detection as well as laser rangefinder (hopefully I got all the minor details right)
It's not particularly stable in its hover, but it is definitely functional as a hovercraft. Right now it doesn't have any flares/smoke dispenser/shield/LAMS. Could be equipped with a warp drive due to the T shape, but then it would be over the volume limit. It has about 1.2k blocks and 3 repair bots, so I think I'm over the limit which is 1 bot/1k blocks, if I recall correctly. I'll wait for more substantial criticism before I go back and change that.

Edit: My bad, somehow I forgot to include the file.

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