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Poll: To make the changes? or not to make the changes? that is the question.
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Artificially lowering the DWG FP per vehicle

Well, I guess the title is sort of self explanatory. if you were to make each of them have say, two thirds or half of their normal FP, and keep the rest of the system the same, you could quickly make the DWG a much greater threat, as it isn't really supposed to be a beginner faction like in Neter. You could possibly also buff them by adding fuses to the CRAMs, as an exception to the guidelines for the purposes of AotE.
also, if you were to replace, say half of the copperheads rounds (or all of them) with an inertial fused 1 degree cone angle frag (not sure if they have this, however judging by the explosion on death they probably don't) also if there was any way to add an ACB saying if object in front within 15 meters then set all propulsion components to either 0 or 0.1 to the front that would significantly reduce (if not completely prevent) collisions taking out its teammates and each other.

with all of these changes they could become a much more competent swarm faction, with legions of copperheads that actually do stuff swarming your tanks one by one, stopping at about 10 meters away and blasting it into oblivion, before moving on to the next one, would be quite interesting.

P.S. if Majyst or Baron are willing to commit such blasphemy... we could violate the no LUA rule for the copperheads (not sure if its already been done for them)
Uses the golden ratio.

[Image: n4pzmbo]

Fat_ninja - today at 1:40 PM
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