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for the best game ever

new simple weapons and upgrade it :
-fireworks with custom color (it create flame)
-rocket launcher (a compact missile launcher)
-more futurist laser block (star wars like)
-compact flametower

Ok it's have been already suggered but not this way.
tesla generator :
the tesla generator it's for balance wood with metal and alloy.
the tesla generator create a EMP create an EMP that is amplified when crossing block of metal and alloy.
block :
-tesla main block : principal block
-tesla range upgrader : upgrade range
-tesla battey : stock energy from normal battery (more you have it more the EMP will be powerful
-tesla stabilizer : more you have it less the EMP lose power along the path between the target and tesla
-tesla pump : more you have it less is the reload time

the water pump :
it's for increase the mass of a sealed room by filling it with water
for balance a ship

mod can be added to game because it's very good :

after cataclysm by glayn
project singlurarity expansion:industrial expansion block by ExRedux
the ALB by gladyon

very good suggestion :

various idea :

the repair all button idea of BA12348
the modular ressources Gathering idea of sabertoothproton

detection idea :

the counter-detection weapons idea of carmrmera
the ECM/DCM idea of falco

missile idea :

the not stupid idea of midnight
more missile of SLK118
more missile of kargame expepted : nuclear, fusion and antimatter warheads because it's OP
guidance cable idea of vectura
the saboteur NPC module idea of Generic

moving parts idea :

my track idea
the rails idea of Sparkly Dragon Sparklez

laser/plasma idea

super graviton idea of Blady John
the acid spayer idea of Helvius

armor idea

my rubber block idea
the mirror idea of Falco
the anti gravity shield idea of dachshund
the liquid armor idea of vectura
the armor diversity idea of Dman1791
the painting functionnal prupose than pure cosmetic idea of robertqin

In terms of a water pump, if you don't put an air pump in a sealed area, it will just fill up with water anyway. Otherwise, use lead blocks. If your ship topples/lists/flips, you need a bigger/wider/heavier hull. This was my common issue when I began; all my weight was on the turrets and my hull was mostly empty. For airships, use a few lead blocks at the bottom, or use a few heli-blades at the top, selecting the always up function in the Q menu.

To be fair, not sure I like futuristic stuff. I preferred the bulkiness of the old cannons over the advanced cannon's skinny barrels. I'll never use the heavy metal blocks because I don't built futuristic hexagonal ships. Lasers are mostly hidden anyway, and for performance I think the lowest mesh sizes possible are better.

I can at least agree on obe thing, the simple weapons MUST BE CHANGED/IMPROVED!
And maybe an alternative way to improve air pump is by adding an option to it, where you can have it as a ballast room (like on submarines), and the 'option' would be to automate this function, by having the AI card have controll over the air pumps (which could be integregated into the 'balance card', because, tbh, is it anyways being used by anyone?) (and this could go for the same for the 'helium pump' in airships... (Yet another reason to place it with the 'balance card'. Anyone agree?)

On the topic of AI, how about in the card for selecting vulnerable parts of enemy crafts, being able to select if you want your weapons to fire at the front, middle, or back (by maybe using a slider with percentage of how far forward you want to shoot), and same for height. This would be usefull for, for example, EMP's, to target deck guns, or the engines/propellers...
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