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Glao: Replacement Request Helicopter "Hauler"

Open replacement for a Glao Design.

This is for the "Hauler" Design in the faction "Glaion Industries"

In game design is flying into space and always behaves to unpredictably even when working so id rather replace it.

New design should be larger, using up more of the 3000 max volume allowed.

-Design must used a harpoon system to drag around targets.
-Design must have an APC or CRAM system to shoot at the target it is pulling around
-Design Must be a Helicopter design, but not necessarily a traditional helicopter. Just that is has exposed rotor blades.

Any other weapon systems added on is acceptable as long as it does include the two above systems.

Glaion Industries is an industrial themed faction and the design should look somehow industrial.

This is the design i was making and am not happy with, its too small so i dont want to waste time on it further, and I dont have time for another try.
[Image: cd8c63b922.jpg]

This is the in game design im looking to replace
[Image: ad9a3e7346.jpg]
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