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Simple cannon idea/concept

Trying to built age of sail up till pre-dreadnoughts is difficult; CRAMs and advanced cannons can be pretty bulky, and there's no option for gunpowder in advanced cannons (The gunpowder stated does act like gunpowder; it's smokeless powder/cordite).

My idea is a simple cannon design, made up of just three parts, making it very useful for new players. It would include many types of ammo, just like advanced cannons do. Firstly, let me explain the parts.

1. Breech. This part acts as the firing piece. Here, you can choose the calibre and fire rate of you cannon. This part would feature the chamber on top of the wheels that can move and hinge the cannon. This would mean the cannon does not require a turret block, like the simple cannons. The calibre chose would change the diameter of the entire cannon, just like advanced cannons. Larger calibres, longer reloads. No way to shorten fire rates on these cannons.

2. Cascable. This is a small part fitted to the rear of the cannon. It would act as the ammo customiser and calculate projectile statistics.

3. Barrel/Chase. Self explanatory. The Barrel would gradually get thinner towards the end.

Ammo types

- Round shot. Solid, heavy shot. Provides the most kinetic damage. The larger the bore, the heavier the shot.
- Chain shot. Fires two shots linked together at a lower velocity. This would give a "line of damage" or area of effect rather than just a single point of damage.
-Grapeshot. The frag of the old. Fires many smaller projectiles, depending on bore of cannon. Unlike fragmentation ammo, grapeshot would disperse as soon as it's fired.
-Hot shot. A heated solid shot, used to make enemy ships catch fire. This could be simulated in From the Depths by leave a lingering damage effect that lasts for several seconds and can spread to nearby blocks.
-Shell. Due to it's shape, the shell is far more accurate than round shots. Higher accuracy and penetration, less kinetic damage.
-HE Shell. Explodes on impact.

This is where old style cannons differ from the new stuff; gunpowder. Because gunpowder is highly explosive with a much faster burn time than cordite, old cannons were much shorter even though all the gunpowder would be burnt. In fact, longer cannons, while more accurate, often had lower muzzle velocities than their shorter counterparts; old cannons had windage and so therefore the shot would bounce around the bore when being shot. A longer bore meant more bouncing so more friction. none-the less, very short cannons like cannonades were inaccurate and had lower velocities as less powder was combusted before the shot left the bore.
So to sum up what I'm saying is, each size of cannon has an optimum bore length where you gain the highest velocity and therefore energy. Longer barrels would increase accuracy at the expense of velocity/energy.

PLEASE! YES! SIMPLE AND EASY! Replace the got Lamb old piece of junk called "Simple Cannon"... This is much better... A bit of customization, but just quick and simple. small aswell. May not be most effective, but be honest here, would anything/anyone suffer if the old junk 'Simple Cannon' to be replaced by this?
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I like this. Simple enough to be labelled as a simple cannon, but complex enough to have some variation in usage.

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