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Defeating the GT with one 160k material unit (Godly max spawn rate, TO BE CONTINUED)

Hi everybody,
I was playing through the campaign for 9 hours and have already beaten the DWG, WF, and LH, and I decided it was time to strike the GT.
However, I decided to add a twist.
I would only use a single unit in battles, without assistance, to test its strength and multi-target engagement abilities.
Well, let me say, I was blown away.

First strike: Attacking the GT from the south, I am put in an easier position to take out one of their HQs.

[Image: xQq66NS.png]

The initial fleet contains a Cerberus and a Thunderclap, costing around maybe 500k materials combined.

[Image: adQBA4U.png]

Shots fired on the Cerberus and other smaller units

[Image: jAdWamK.png]

The Thunderclap spawns in, ready to be pummeled by 333mm rounds at 1000rpm.

[Image: 29q3M4S.png]

The bombardment on the Thunderclap begins

[Image: 3OSsZie.png]

The Thunderclap is hammered and its health is lowered to below 55%, eliminating it.

[Image: mucudDL.png]

The advance on the first HQ begins

[Image: lMFTeEt.png]

Meeting no resistance, the AC-23 Taurus fires tons of hot lead into the target.

[Image: BfAfbMB.png]

The GT send reinforcements for their HQ, but too late to save it. An Adrastos attempts to combat the AC-23

[Image: U6bdcyG.png]

The Adrastos takes heavy hits in the first moments of battle and is instantly knocked out of action.

[Image: Erl2hPb.png]

More Gray Talon reinforcements including a Cerberus and Greataxe throw themselves against the craft to no avail


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