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A proper armor system independent* of blocks

*Ok, not totally independent, but you won't need multiple layers of blocks for lots of armor.

Anyway the idea: An armor system where armor thickness is dealt with much in the same way as paint, in that it's not a block in and of itself, but something which can be added onto blocks. Most blocks would allow a smallish amount of armor, structural blocks would allow for up to a full meter of armor. This would easily allow for compact and practical armor, making armor schemes more interesting, as any amount of armor wouldn't be bulky. Notably, this would make turrets far less weak.

This would also easily allow for combinations of armor, where something like an inch of metal backed with a foot of wood would easily be possible using sliders. There could even be a system to generate proper textures for this, though that is beyond the scope of this post.

More importantly, this would allow for very light and cheep craft, as structural blocks without armor could now weigh and cost almost nothing, which could even allow for aircraft to be made realistically light and weak.

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A proper armor system independent* of blocks - by bs1110101 - 2016-09-16, 10:11 AM

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