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TG HQ mech: Divinity Finished

This is my Take on a joint eros/thanatos HQ build, though it is still unfinished, with only a few details left to go, here are the pics:






and the stats:

block count: around 6900
volume: 12000
price: 14k mat
speed: 29 m/s
and a horribly designed yet somehow effective mess of a shield bubble (reflect) and four 25x25 long range disrupt shields.
and the weapons:
primary weaponry: 1 400mm spamcannon firing 1m inertial heat rounds at 2800 RPM, a 2 combiner 4Q laser W/ 900 damage and 21 AP and an impact PAC with approx 13K damage.
Secondary weapons: 18 5 block missiles and 18 4 block missiles. all pure frag
AA weapons: a 3k damage EMP PAC, and a tri barrel advanced cannon firing airburst frag rounds, the latter of which sucks and is almost purely for decoration.

so, To do, EDIT: all finished, yay!

upgrade lams and remove blind spots: done
finish full shield coverage: no longer a full shield bubble, but it covers the front, which will turn to face the enemy
upgrade torso laser system: done
finish torso walkable interior: done

I have also greatly improved the aesthetic of the right arm (laser/PAC), but hte computer I am currently on is a toaster that doesn't understand what a screenshot is, so the aesthetic changes wont be visible through the screenshots.

Any criticism would be helpful, and I will try to act on it

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