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TG HQ mech

(2016-10-10, 11:58 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote: Alright, finally went trough this one. Apart from the lack of propel & rudder it works well and fits the guidelines, so the only problems are the aesthetics. It still looks oddly lopsided: The base is too long, it should be shorter and wider like the other TG mecha bases. The torso looks really bottom-heavy and combined with the honestly rather timid-looking face the design as a whole doesn't look particularly intimidating. Giving it some meat on the upper body area and reworking the head into something more menacing should help. It could also use some more TG detailing, such as decoshields over the missiles. It has potential, so I'll give it another go if you can rework its looks.
hopefully fixed most of these issues with this version,still need to remake the head though.
[Image: nqlyZ4q.jpg]
(the missiles in chest are hidden until the vehicle gets within range)

Edit:fixed blueprint

Edit 2:
version L:replaced head
added control room to chassis
added detection equipment to CRAM and laser turrets on torso

Edit 3:
version 3:redid the chassis:
chassis should hopefully be much shorter and wider the before
chassis now lacks offensive capabilities,instead only carries the torso and LAMS,along with this it now uses a steam engine
[Image: 41kXizw.jpg]

Edit 4:
version 3:added shields over missiles
changed shoulder CRAM default position
added repair tentacles to chassis
changed ribbing pattern on chassis
[Image: 8ygMOF2.jpg]

Edit 5:added shields to chassis
added more fuel to torso
reduced ribbing on chassis
added more laser absorb shields to torso

Edit 6:
version 3 B:replaced steam engines on chassis with fuel engines
added electric engines to chassis
added doors to chassis and torso control rooms
add more ammo processors to torso
hid missile warners and detection on torso and chassis
[Image: 7DpCVdH.jpg]

Edit 7:added blueprint

Edit 8:
version 3 B:redid ACC armor
[Image: 2016-10-16_17_18_51.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   TG submission 2 L.blueprint (Size: 364.14 KB / Downloads: 55)
.blueprint   TG submission 3.blueprint (Size: 315.51 KB / Downloads: 51)
.blueprint   TG submission 3 B.blueprint (Size: 334.81 KB / Downloads: 48)

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