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TG HQ mech

(2016-09-09, 04:05 AM)majyst Wrote: Ok, ill review it, but to be totally blunt theres a lot about it I dont really like.
Ive been waiting to say anything since it was still being worked on and a lot of it has improved but it still has a lot of issues.

1. The Lower body I do like, it looks good but the Ribbing is too busy. SPecifically the spider web in the middle is too much.

2. The Pin Head. It looks like its gotten its head shrunk by some wild tribe in peru. It should look more like a badass mech head like the other mech and not a pimple.

3. Too much guns sticking out. It looks like GT had too much input on this design and stuck cannon barrels out of it everywhere. Specifically, the Belly button cannon, The small lower body side cannons, and the 3 Penis cannons look out of place and too much.

I suggest changing the Belly button cannon into a flush mounted PAC.
Remove one Penis cannon and put the laser in a different spot. Probably 2 of them on the sides or something instead of in the middle.

4. I dont understand the Jets on the torso and why the torso undocks? It should stay docked and jets arent going to translate momentum into the lower driving body anyway. The ACBs stuck outside of the body look bad also.

So, thats just for how it looks, i didnt even check to see if all the functions were working right since so much of it needs changed.

I do see potential in the design, just gotta cut away a lot and fix some stuff to get there.

So, sorry for so much criticism/ feedback. If you get those worked out I can check its functionality and then id be much more likely to take it. As it is right now, I wont...

hopefully fixed most of these issues in the lasted version
[Image: UclW06p.jpg]

added shoulder things to make the CRAM arm look less noodle like
[Image: cDqbmAC.jpg]

version E:moved forward facing lasers on chassis a bit
[Image: DNKP9tR.jpg]

Edit 2:
version E:added shoulders to ACC arm and made changes to CRAM shoulders
[Image: eyOKewR.jpg]

Edit 3:
version E:changed laser turret to 2 axis
redid laser turret armor
increased hold distance on docking station
[Image: TUnMMhs.jpg]

Edit 4:
version E:removed front CRAM from chassis
removed laser turret on chassis
added 2 laser turrets to chassis
redid front of chassis
[Image: OXpBl4v.jpg]

Edit 5:
version E:
added ACC to sides of chassis
added 2 CRAMS in front of chassis
made front of chassis a bit more rounded
[Image: C2r0LN0.jpg]

Edit 6:
version F:incase splitting the cram and laser turret on chassis is reducing the effectiveness of the design a version that does not split the cram and laser has been made
[Image: z8RfsJ7.jpg]

Edit 7:
version F:added LWC and fusing box to chassis CRAM

Edit 8:
version F:redid chassis CRAM

edit 9:
version F:reshaped torso so now the missiles should now be in the chest
[Image: Y2cP0wb.jpg]

edit 10:
version F:added laser absorb shields to torso

Edit 11:
version F:paint absorb shields and increased strength of ACC arm shield

Edit 12:not really a change to the vehicle but here's some lore/names for the vehicle:

lore:The (whatever the vehicle is called)was one the first attempts at a joint builds between Eros and Thanatos and a test bed for many of the TG weapons.At one point it had a experimental CRAM turret mounted on the torso(unfortunately the mighty CRAM cannon was withdrawn due to Eros's regal disapproval of its resemblance).But it's best known for its ability to quickly build units and fortifications while defending itself against almost any threat with a variety of weapons and defenses.

Edit 13:made a version that is within the volume limit
version G:reduced size of engine is chassis
fixed laser turret not being connect to laser system

Edit 14:
version F:applied to laser turret from version G to version F

Edit 15:
version H:removed side ACCs from hull and added munition warners

Edit 16:
version H and I:increased prioritization of range on torso and chassis AI

version I:removed repair tentacles on chassis since the torso would probably get spawned before it be repairable since the torso is more then twice the volume limit
added heavy around chassis AI along with torso AI and ammo
added more fuel to torso/chassis
readded jets,dediblades and land AI to torso so if the chassis dock is destroyed the torso will not be as easily disabled,however the chassis will not detach unless the dock is destroyed
[Image: J9ab88Y.jpg]

Edit 17:
version I:added repair tentacles to torso

Edit 18:
version I and J:added heavy armor casing around torso docking turret
version J:removed jets,dediblades,land AI and PIDs from torso

Edit 19:
version I and J:added green metal behind eyes on head

Attached Files
.blueprint   TG submission 2 E.blueprint (Size: 355.13 KB / Downloads: 54)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 C.blueprint (Size: 370 KB / Downloads: 40)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 F.blueprint (Size: 383.08 KB / Downloads: 50)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 G.blueprint (Size: 367.84 KB / Downloads: 47)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 H.blueprint (Size: 370.79 KB / Downloads: 41)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 I.blueprint (Size: 382.38 KB / Downloads: 52)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 J.blueprint (Size: 372.83 KB / Downloads: 52)

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