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TG HQ mech

(2016-09-07, 06:13 PM)bokke1010 Wrote: I'll suggest some improvements:
paint the laser, it just doesn't fit the colors used in this mech and the twin guard
make the top APS look a little bit less like it has no armour (looks really weak now, what types of shell is it using?)
it also looks weird being mounted on the back of the chassis instead of in the middle
if you could integrate the railgun and missile system a little more in torso, that part of your mech would look better

made changes based on this:
changed the hull to include missile system and railgun
laser should now be right color
armored APS arm
moved torso closer to center of chassis
[Image: iqUHEKX.jpg]

version:converted all heavy armor to metal and did some cuts to the design to get with in the volume limit

Edit 2:
version C:fixed a few issues caused due the reduction in volume and removal of heavy armor
AI has been moved away from ammo
armor has placed around ammo to reduce damage done by ammo explosions
torso now separates at 1250 meters away from the target
torso should now hopefully reverse when it gets too close to a target

Edit 3:
version C:torso will now return to chassis if the are no targets within 1250 meters

Edit 4:
version C:torso now returns to chassis if below 80% rather then 70%
railgun now has increased accuracy lower muzzle velocity

Edit 5:
version C:ACB for returning the torso to chassis when no enemy are nearby no longer has a delay

Edit 6:
version DConfusedwapped out most of the offencive lasers for APS
removed Q switches and swap out laser cavities for single input cavities on torso
removed some engines from torso
added laser absorb shields to torso
removed some armor on chassis
[Image: nJvzUbx.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   TG submission 2 C.blueprint (Size: 370 KB / Downloads: 44)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 D.blueprint (Size: 392.31 KB / Downloads: 45)

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