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TG HQ mech

heres a mech i've been working on
[Image: ZsMZVPh.jpg]
in combat the torso will separate from the chassis fly toward the target and stop at 650 meters

Edit:added railgun and missle system on torso shoulders
hopefully fixed power issues for torso
added more detection to torso
[Image: C0Aa6If.jpg]

Edit 2:
default version:
[Image: 3syy5dX.jpg]
made the chassis more rounded
added ACB to torso to return it to the chassis if bellow 70% health
rearranged lower roll thrusters on torso
added player controls to chassis and torso
version A:
[Image: u4XJdOK.jpg]
same changes as listed above,but also added a cram turret to lower torso

Edit 3:
version A:removed some ribs from torso
[Image: 24Un2eC.jpg]

Edit 4:
version C:redid front of torso,this has led to heavy armor on the front but thinner armor on the sides
[Image: qB875jK.jpg]

Edit 5:
version C:add color changers to shields and reduced alpha on all shields to .10

Edit 6:
version C:reduced ribbing on chassis
[Image: 6XU3qYT.jpg]

Edit 7:
version C:added more detection to torso

Edit 8:
version C:made changes to torso and chassis AI
added more detection to chassis

Edit 9:
version C:added surge protection to chassis and added heart stone to chassis and torso

Edit 10:
version C:added surge protection to torso

Attached Files
.blueprint   TG submission 2.blueprint (Size: 338.13 KB / Downloads: 67)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 A.blueprint (Size: 356.59 KB / Downloads: 73)
.blueprint   TG submission 2 C.blueprint (Size: 374.3 KB / Downloads: 67)

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