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DW Tanks. I want to rework them!

Hello all!

Maybe you heard of me, I made a few submissions for DW (and my pz III made it in the game, without me getting notified Sad )

But anyway, looking over all the tanks in DW, I can't help but notice that no one really cares about them. Missing detections stuff, wrong ammunition types (seriously, a pz III has no HEAT ammunition), strange jet stabilizers, there is work to be done!

And I want to do this work!

I have already begun reworking the pz III as I know it the most and I will follow some rules:

Size: 2x the original size +maybe a meter to have centred turrets.
Gun size: 2x the original size, to have some damage capabilities.
Ammunition: AP for normal tanks, I try to achieve at least a penetration of 10
MGs: Not functional, if not crucial for combat
Armor: 1 layer of metal, mostly. Maybe two layers for the front of heavy tanks
Detection stuff: Mostly cameras, coincidence rangefinders if appropiate, 90 degree radar sometimes for looks, also laser range finders to have tanks that are somewhat capable in combat. Also Intra vehicle transmitter, to allow artillery and scout tank combo.
Speed: Double offroad speed, but reduced if the tank could tip over

After I refitted all the land vehicles, I want to make new ones since some nations have incomplete sets

If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me Smile


Looking at DimAurora's post, he wants to do some tanks to. I think we can work together Big Grin
Once in a while I decide to do something stupid and try to perfect it. That is how some of my strongest designs were created.

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