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Battleship Brawl, Season 2 Battle Thread! (Complete)

Here's the separate thread for the battles for Season 2 of the Battleship Brawl! I'm doing this to make them easier to keep track of and manage for everyone.

Let's try to keep discussion in this thread to the battles and their participants so things don't get cluttered. Thanks!

Here's a link to the playlist:

Here's a link to the bracket:

And here's the opening ceremonies!

Bonus Battle Request List!
Arkangelsk vs Stalingrad
Stalingrad vs Handaki
Danubia vs Handaki
1st Cascade vs Amagi
1st Cascade vs Handaki
Gargantua vs Stalingrad
Gargantua vs Danubia
Pravda Fleet vs Stalingrad
Achilles vs Stalingrad
Achilles vs Archangelsk Squadron

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Battleship Brawl, Season 2 Battle Thread! (Complete) - by Menti - 2016-08-29, 06:32 PM

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