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Poll: What to do with the Copperhead?
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Remove them
6 33.33%
Kepp them but don't use them as subvehicles
6 33.33%
Keep them
6 33.33%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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Remove the Copperhead (as subvehicle)

While it is a cool bike, the issues it causes...

1) It spawns under the ground. I can't kill it and they pop up randomly when I turned the AIs of my vehicles off to prevent wasting ammo and fuel while I am looking for a way to kill those bikes.

2) They are suicidal. While that is a (mostly) good thing against the player, they suicide on their own vehicles too. Often those vehicles are the motherships.

3) They are pretty much free resources. They kill themselves => free salvage. Yay

See the attachments for visual evidence.

I think that they can be used as effective kamikaze designs though, but then they should not be used as subvehicles.

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