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Extended Slopes Mod v3 [2.2+]

I have already acknowledged that there are no corners and have decided to not do anything about it.

What you're doing is griping, and borderline whining. I get it, you want more blocks. Make them yourself.

I come from a forum with a well established modding community, and there it was perfectly understood that if you wanted something you either asked politely and hoped someone takes you on your offer or you made it yourself. Whining about it was a quick way for people to put you on their ignore list.

Then that community completely threw away the term criticism and was, from your explanation, a piss poor community.

This isn't borderline whining, you obviously don't understand what is. You should grip the concept of putting in work to a mod that will receive criticism because it's something wanted in the game. Asking people to make it themselves easily puts you at the top of the list for lazy people creating a mod.

Mod updated.

Removed redundant blocks, added alloy variants, changed the cost and drag variables.

Download from the first post. Delete old mod files and follow the installation instructions in the first post.


Thank you for this mod... This will help me a lot creating good warships... And more!
[Image: zyTugJ3.pngg]
- - - - -
[Image: nxTu1Vk.jpg]

So I've updated the mod a bit. Added a whole lot of different partial slopes so that you may now build at an angle, allowing you to connect your slopes more seamlessly.

Furthermore, the mod no longer has it's own tab, but instead has 'Extended Slopes' submenus in metal and light alloy menus. For now, only metal has the new blocks. Light alloy has only the old blocks.

BTW the triangle block is compatible with the vanilla ftd inverted triangle block.

Try it out and tell me what you guys think.

Awesome, thankyou Narushima!
This music isn't heavy enough. I can still make out the instruments.

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