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Faction Lore Thread

The Venom Lance

Ignoring for a moment the radical changes in the dominant form of intelligent life brought about by the Cataclysm, the populace of Foreldi have most definitely been affected by its aftermath. Between mutations arising as a reaction to high radiation levels, exposure to symbiotic organisms unwittingly introduced by the Tides of Progress and other related oddities, there is now a significant population either shunned by their respective societies or simply with no other place to go.

Naturally, outcasts tend to congregate into organised groups, and what would become the Venom Lance was no exception. However, with a cohesive ideology - revenge against those who had cast them out - and access to the remainders of the plague ships many of them arrived on, the Lance was able to grow into a fully fledged faction. Although initially forced to carry out hit-and-run guerrilla warfare against their nearby enemies due to the fragility of their craft, their manufacturing ability quickly consolidated, allowing much higher quality vehicles to be produced.

With the New Autonomous Alliance awakening on one side and the nebulous threat of the Old World Coalition on another, the Lance soon found themselves in dire need of allies. Despite receiving aid from the Tides of Progress, the Tides' neutrality left the Lance without an ally to call upon until the Iron Devotion sailed three resource barges into Lance territory with a proposition. Thus was forged a shaky alliance cemented by an OWC attack on the combined convoy returning to Heaven's Gate.

The Lance's current forces still put much emphasis on speed, with hovercraft, hydrofoil craft and even unconfirmed reports of ekranoplan research, while their aerial forces primarily consist of quick-response interceptors and fighters supplemented by bombers and gunships. Allied with the Iron Devotion as closely as they are, it is unlikely that any party attacking one faction would escape the wrath of the other.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Iron Devotion
Neutral to: Tides of Progress, Forged Enclave (though they aren't at war anymore, there's certainly no love lost between them), Reefback Wreckers (who are terrified of them), Corensian Monarchy (who are just far enough out of reach to make war impractical)
Enemies of: Old World Coalition, New Autonomous Alliance

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