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Faction Lore Thread

As the name suggests, this thread is where I'll be posting (and updating) the lore for the factions in this campaign.

The Iron Devotion
[Image: IcfEocL.png]
As civilisation recovered from the cataclysm, a group of looters ransacked the derelict headquarters of a long-gone corporation. Affected by flakes of lead-based paint disturbed by their arrival, they became fixated with the sole surviving book in the building - a corporate manual focusing on PR and technology. Upon finally finding their way out of the building, the looters inadvertently started a religious movement before dying of lead poisoning.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the Iron Devotion has grown from this religious movement. With the original text missing, the Devotion has become obsessed with the worship of technology, and is on reasonably good terms with almost every other faction on Foreldi. The exception to this is the Reefback Wreckers, whose tendency to take everything apart to see how it works before patching it up again is at odds with the reverence afforded to high technology that has caused the Devotion to stagnate.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of the Iron Devotion is the Reconciliation, when a brave team sailed three unarmed and barely armoured resource barges deep into the territory of the Venom Lance on a diplomatic mission. The mission was successful, with the Devotion mediators convincing the Lance to call off their attacks on the Forged Embers, but on the return journey the barges and their Lance escort came under attack by the Old World Coalition and all were destroyed. Since that point, the Iron Devotion has been at war with the Coalition.

The ships of the Iron Devotion come in two different styles: converted cargo barges with makeshift broadsides from Corensian surplus and full-rotation turrets, and the heavy, durable "floating churches" they are best known for. The health risks involved in making these are as high as ever, in part because they still use lead-based paint.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Forged Enclave, Corensian Monarchy, Venom Lance
Neutral to: New Autonomous Alliance, Tides of Progress
Enemies of: Reefback Wreckers, Old World Coalition

The Reefback Wreckers
[Image: wBZlzAk.png]
Ever since its creation in the fires of the apocalypse, Brokeback Reef has been a dangerous place for captains to venture, with sandbars and rock outcroppings that tear the bottom off ships unfortunate enough not to see them. However, it is also a reasonably safe place to get shipwrecked.

With an abundance of raw material from wreckage, it was only a matter of time before the shipwrecked sailors banded together to gather it up and build new fleets, and from there began to form the rudiments of a faction. The Reefback Wreckers gradually formed from these scattered groups and staked their claim to the Reef with a fleet of reclaimed ships rebuilt to have as little hull underwater as possible.

Using a network of scout balloons, they monitor the sandbars for potential salvage, often taking steps to ensure that the ships passing through become wrecks. There are also rumours of hidden deathtraps and stealth ships blending in to the shores, though no solid evidence of these has yet been found.

To the rest of Foreldi, the Wreckers are a constant nuisance - not actually dangerous enough to justify a full-scale military campaign to remove them once and for all, but an unpredictable menace to cargo shipping and experimental prototypes alike. The Iron Devotion in particular dislike them more than most, often patrolling the borders of Brokeback Reef with submarines and ships alike.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Nobody
Neutral to: Tides of Progress, Venom Lance, New Autonomous Alliance (though two of these three don't even know the Wreckers exist, since the Wreckers avoid them at all costs)
Enemies of: Iron Devotion, Old World Coalition, Forged Enclave, Corensian Monarchy

The Old World Coalition
[Image: MJE8Zm4.png]
Before the great cataclysm that brought the world to its current state, the mighty civilisation covering the globe came to realise a strange phenomenon was occurring under their noses. In an age of flourishing art, great spirituality and technological progress, elements of the population were busying themselves stockpiling food that was abundant, building shelters when they were already well housed, drawing up survival plans when the world had never been further from the brink of annihilation. This continued to baffle the world until the cataclysm occurred.

Naturally, of those doomsday preppers, only those with a watertight survival plan, large food stockpile and an underground bunker survived - in other words, the overly paranoid, scientists and engineers, and combinations of the three. Emerging from their shelters they gazed upon the new world as it shaped itself and vowed to bring back the world which had existed before. With the very air itself different and dangerous, they had to rely on gasmasks and hazard suits to survive long enough to start their rebuilding and even then they began to fall ill from exposure to the outside. Those surviving became unhealthily obsessed with maintaining a sealed and sterile environment to live in, either banishing or executing those amongst their number who exhibited any signs of mutation or illness.

Many generations down the line, the Old World Coalition has much the same goals but has lost most knowledge of the past world other than idealistic stories from their grandparents' grandparents, shunning contact with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the Tides of Progress, as part of their efforts to gain acceptance from the world's factions, made the mistake of giving advanced remote-operation drone technology to the Coalition, providing the catalyst for the Coalition to turn from a largely ignored isolationist faction scattered across the South-West to a rampaging force hell-bent on "purifying" the world by force.

Today the frontlines between the OWC and other factions remain relatively stationary but hotly contested, with large numbers of anti-air ships often seen scanning the skies for any sign of drone swarms or drifting Hoverminefields.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Nobody
Neutral to: New Autonomous Alliance, Corensian Monarchy (who haven't caught on to their existence yet), Forged Enclave (who don't really care, since they could probably steamroll them at moment's notice... but they're not gonna), Tides of Progress (though this is debatable)
Enemies of: Reefback Wreckers, Iron Devotion, Venom Lance

The Corensian Monarchy

There can be little question of which faction was quickest to rise from the ashes of the Cataclysm, and that was the Corensian Commonwealth. Although this was mainly due to relying on wood and sails rather than spending years obsessing over metal extraction and fuel refining techniques, the Commonwealth quickly established itself as the world power. Although maintaining the rights of the citizens of the areas they conquered were not usually top of their agenda - with the exception of briefly after each rebellion - their rule was by and large peaceful.

However, their dominance was brought to an end very quickly by the reactivation of the AIs comprising the New Autonomous Alliance, the rise of the Venom Lance and - to a very marginal extent - the mere presence of the Forged Enclave (who actually supported the Commonwealth, but not enough to get involved). Such a revolution in the materials of naval power was something they could not respond to

Now in control of only the areas closest to their homeland, the Corensian Monarchy has shifted their focus heavily from slow wooden sailing ships with massive broadsides to slow metal paddleships with less massive but equally devastating broadsides, exemplifying their uniquely romantic approach to vessels of war.

In their current state, the borders of the Corensian Archipelago remain firm, patrolled by the Monarchy's forces as they make their preparation to retake what was once theirs. Their pursuit of high quality engineering has led to first trade and then alliance with the Enclave. Although their alliance is technically the strongest on Foreldi, neither side wishes to receive military assistance from the other - which suits them fine, since they are unwilling to spare the resources to do so in the first place.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Forged Enclave, Iron Devotion
Neutral to: Old World Coalition (if only because they're a little out of touch), Tides of Progress (who don't know they exist)
Enemies of: Reefback Wreckers, Venom Lance, New Autonomous Alliance

The Venom Lance

Ignoring for a moment the radical changes in the dominant form of intelligent life brought about by the Cataclysm, the populace of Foreldi have most definitely been affected by its aftermath. Between mutations arising as a reaction to high radiation levels, exposure to symbiotic organisms unwittingly introduced by the Tides of Progress and other related oddities, there is now a significant population either shunned by their respective societies or simply with no other place to go.

Naturally, outcasts tend to congregate into organised groups, and what would become the Venom Lance was no exception. However, with a cohesive ideology - revenge against those who had cast them out - and access to the remainders of the plague ships many of them arrived on, the Lance was able to grow into a fully fledged faction. Although initially forced to carry out hit-and-run guerrilla warfare against their nearby enemies due to the fragility of their craft, their manufacturing ability quickly consolidated, allowing much higher quality vehicles to be produced.

With the New Autonomous Alliance awakening on one side and the nebulous threat of the Old World Coalition on another, the Lance soon found themselves in dire need of allies. Despite receiving aid from the Tides of Progress, the Tides' neutrality left the Lance without an ally to call upon until the Iron Devotion sailed three resource barges into Lance territory with a proposition. Thus was forged a shaky alliance cemented by an OWC attack on the combined convoy returning to Heaven's Gate.

The Lance's current forces still put much emphasis on speed, with hovercraft, hydrofoil craft and even unconfirmed reports of ekranoplan research, while their aerial forces primarily consist of quick-response interceptors and fighters supplemented by bombers and gunships. Allied with the Iron Devotion as closely as they are, it is unlikely that any party attacking one faction would escape the wrath of the other.

Faction Relations:
Allied with: Iron Devotion
Neutral to: Tides of Progress, Forged Enclave (though they aren't at war anymore, there's certainly no love lost between them), Reefback Wreckers (who are terrified of them), Corensian Monarchy (who are just far enough out of reach to make war impractical)
Enemies of: Old World Coalition, New Autonomous Alliance

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