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Changing Tides General Discussion Thread

What is the most difficult faction meant to be? Just asking so I'm prepared to fight certain ones.

(2017-01-20, 05:51 PM)GiantSnake Wrote: What is the most difficult faction meant to be? Just asking so I'm prepared to fight certain ones.

The factions are in four "tiers", more or less. Just bear in mind these are a little vague, and show the order I intended for the factions to be fought.

Easiest: Reefback Wreckers

Early-game: Iron Devotion, Old World Coalition, Corensian Monarchy

Mid-game: Venom Lance, New Autonomous Alliance

Late-game: Forged Enclave, Tides of Progress (to be honest, I intend for the Enclave to be the stronger of the two)

Though at this stage in development, the VL, NAA, FE and ToP don't actually have any designs in game yet.[/size]

I've removed the "faction slots" and "note-to-self" thread from the subforum, as they contributed about as much as a mini-fridge in the middle of Antarctica.

Sorry for my inactivity as of late, my attention's been elsewhere. Sadly this is going to continue for at least another couple of weeks, as I'm going to be visiting family during that time.
The thing to take from this is that Tides ain't dead.

Well I figured out a good starter flyer. Its a lua drone

Add in a small missle set on the props and you get a perfect assault drone

Alright, so this is horribly belated, but with the simple weapon buffs I reckon the need for modded weapons to make the smallest vessels more useful and bolster anti-air firepower is significantly reduced. Between that, the simple weapon update somehow breaking AC and the upcoming rework of AC simple weapons to use APS shells, it's highly unlikely that Tides will require mods for the time being.

Alright, so I was planning to have the next update after the 2.0 update dropped, but all things considered it'll probably be better to do it now (or soon-ish) so the stuff that's currently broken doesn't remain so while we're waiting for 2.0 (which could be a while coming).

Tides has a discord server now, for what it's worth. Feel free to stop by to see what's going on (which hasn't been much recently Undecided)

Alright, so after a... quite frankly far too long break from FTD, I'm back to working on Tides. Expect more updates sooner or later.

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