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APS Rebalance

I thought it might be a good idea to start talking about this since we can now use more gunpowder in our shells. I've been experimenting with modelling a shell for the USA 16" guns and have come up with the following.

16"/50 Mark 7 (Iowa/Montana Class BB)
Shell Composition: AP-Solid-Solid-HE-Pen(30/0.03)-BB-GPx5
Req Barrel/Barrel Length: 20.4/20m (barrels a bit too short but not important)
Kinetic Damage and AP: 23864/10.6 (Actual values slightly less due to barrel)
Explosive Damage and Radius: 1989/14m
Muzzle Velocity (20.4m/20m Barrel): 529/518 m/s
Shell Rack Needed: 4m

16"/45 Mark 6 (North Carolina/South Dakota Class BB)
Shell Composition: AP-Solid-Solid-HE-Pen(30/0.03)-BB-GPx4
Req Barrel/Barrel Length: 17.3/18m
Kinetic Damage/AP: 21276/9.5
Explosive Damage/Radius: 1989/14m
Muzzle Velocity: 472m/s
Shell Rack Needed: 4m

This seems to be the best setup I've found for these specific guns (the relative muzzle velocities are actually in ratio to the real world values) and they pack the most punch you're going to get out of AP rounds. The Iowa guns can penetrate 2 Metal, 1 HA and then some setting of it's own mags. The main downside is the reduced accuracy of the smaller gun as the shell is the same size.

I might try and see if I can figure out some other standardisations for other country's weapons but I think this could serve as a good start to discuss HA implementation and a reference for other guns.


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