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(2016-07-22, 02:25 AM)Nick Smart Wrote: I'll discuss each thing as I get to it.

I forgot missile gauge but it's not something I see as urgent.

Dediblade anti grav stuff can wait indefinitely unless Majyst pushes me for it.

Missile gauge are urgent to me Sad

To balance thing that cannon and laser got lot of attention than missile.

for me it's missing: Shield redo. you place one and it envolps around your ship
: | shouldn't eat too much CPU if you only calculate it on a fully repaired ship/without dmg and don't reshape it, if some blocks are destroyed.
It's a topic for itself. Better don't discuss it here.

I'm eager to see when everything done.
especially adventure mode! Smile Sounds neat so far
I don't know why I still use my nickname, which no one can read but germans

From the Depths is like life: You'll never stop learning.

3 weeks for Strategic AI ?

Heck yes ! Finally it will get some love
I cant wait for faction combat between each other

Strategic AI and the Tech are what I'm most looking forward to on that list although fire is probably going to be brutal for me as I tend to overuse wood...

Strategic AI? Plasma? Steam engines?

Yes. This is great, and having a vague idea of when they'll arrive just makes it better.
Just hope that fire is more than just another thing that obliterates wood and has some use against armour.

What about performance optimization?
Can't this be a more urgent topic?
I would prefer to watch battles in real time, not slow motion or stop motion...

Im afraid to see how the plasma is gona be handeld because... its a hard sience subject to takle in the weapon making aspect, even Fallout got it wrong.
Im afraid thats its gona be hard to get in the grasp with the whole plasma weapon building system, since a ball of plasma is generaly a bright blinding ball that is a scoup of sun core flying in the general derection of the enemy.
Altho it sounds awfully badass its gona have to bend the laws of the universe to work and will probbaly have a giant amount of friendly fire do to backfaire of plasma energy after the compelte meltdown of the target. But i guese if a nulcear bomb makes a small hole in the enemy vehicle then i guese evrything is legit. (Srsly tho, they are realy underwhelming)
But iether way, im exited to see Nether actualy come to life and not just be a statick map for player to walk thro.
Good luck in making those things happen.
[Image: MwtdIl8.gif]

(2016-07-22, 10:38 AM)Le Sir Wrote: What about performance optimization?
Can't this be a more urgent topic?
I would prefer to watch battles in real time, not slow motion or stop motion...

I agree.

I know that standard developpement processes express that optimization must be done at the end.
But it is a game, so the standard developpement processes doesn't necessarily apply. In a game you don't optimize to get better performance as you do in any standard software.
In a game there are 2 reasons to optimize:
- players don't like it when a game is slow and stutter, it's often in the negative steam comments
- in FtD, you are reducing the size of the faction vehicles and the size of the fleets that fight each other because of performance issues. That means that you are reducing the content of the game because of that.

The second point is very important. You need to know how fast you can go in order to have a good match between the content and the performances.

For example, if you optimize at the end, and you see that you can go 5x faster (please, let me dream a bit), then you'll have all constructs under 15000 blocks but the player will easily build a 50000 blocks vehicle without dropping the framefrate too much.
That wouldn't be good.
You need to know how far you can go soon enough to adapt the content.

That's why I think that spending a few weeks on optimization sooner rather than later is very important in FtD roadmap.

Optimisation is done as we go along.

It's running faster now than it ever has done thanks to the LOD system.
Reviewed FtD on steam yet? It's the #1 thing you can do to help FtD (and future games by Brilliant Skies!), so please take the time!
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support - private portal to service desk

As always this looks like a very well thought out and progressive development cycle.

Looking forward to playing with all the new toys!

I'll update my mods (whopping 2 of them) soon.

Krupp Cemented armor pretty much needs the new block shapes.

Simple weapons awaiting your approval in video form right now but new velocities are in this weekends update with a few new types of simple guns.

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