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How to build mechs [video included]


If you are like me you will have wondered "What the holy !@#$ is that Twin Gaurd Mech?!"

Well I tracked it down and reverse-engineered it a while a go and guessed I should come add my tutorial to the forum

So if you aren't interested in watching the 22min video above then I will give you a rundown below

First! The secret: its basically a small boat that is using a docking beam to hold up another vehicle that serves as the torso

STEP 1: Build a "legs" section. Simply... just make a nice simple boat that is reasonably stable, Has repair capabilities, and maybe a weapon if you desire.

STEP 2: Build a 1 axis turret on the "legs" boat and put a docking station, that is pointing upwards, on that turret. The reason we want this is because we want this docking station to hold up a "torso" but also want it to spin the "torso" around to face the enemy so it can shoot at them.

STEP 3: Build a "torso" that has some weapons on turrets. Also place a origin block on the underside of the "torso" to make the next stage easier (it can be found under the Misc section)

STEP 4: Pick up the torso using the Docking station on the 1 axis turret. Now it is important to go to your docking station and adjust the hold distance and hold elevation because the torso will be facing upwards. Flicking Hold elevation to 90 should rotate it into the right side but take note to check.
If your torso is facing backwards then you will need to remove your docking station and spin it around to face the correct direction.
If you didn't put an origin block then you might notice your beam not holding your torso in the correct manner, especially if you made an a-symmetrical design. Make sure to place an origin block as this will determine from what point the torso is held up by. Then lastly shift your Hold distance.

STEP 5: ADJUST YOUR AI. Make sure the AI on the "legs" section that is controlling the turret that is holding the docking station has the same target prioritization set up as the AI on your "torso". If you do not then your torso will try shoot at a target but the turret on the legs will not be twisting the torso to face the target it wants to shoot at. Causing conflicts.

LAST: Sometimes the turret on the "Legs" wont aim at enemies because it has no way to fire at them. Try putting a missile controller, with no attachments, on the Docking station turret to make the AI correctly twist the torso around to face enemies.
I will also recommend putting on a sub-vehicle spawner on the legs and designate the "torso" as a sub vehicle... just to make sure the two spawn in at the same time and you don't get a headless mech >x<

Also google things like pacific rim, or mechwarrior, or gundam for lots of inspirations on what to build.

Have fun.

Learn it and understand ya instruction's and this is result I got, thank you Smile

[Image: BX1Cc0A.png]

Well, I did build these before the guide was up but it was you that inspired me, and for the sake of getting more mechs up, here's pics of my two (posts on the forums somewhere, search Prototype Mech Lancer/MK2 Mech Hunchback)

The MKI, basic (the base doesn't even fly) but functional and it has at least got some ok firepower:
[Image: C3NbetT.jpg]
And the MKII, ugly as sin but remarkably more dangerous, and the LAMS is a fair bit more reliable than my first cram cannon that was fixed to the first one.
[Image: P7vRIZ4.jpg]
I feel like the rest of the forum can do better though.
FTD, what can I say? 750 hours played, more than anything else I've ever played. And yet, I STILL can't beat most of it. Says a lot. And yet, I keep playing Smile

Way to go man, well, at least ya do da best as much as ya can, take a time, slow and steady, even me also can't do such aesthetics like twin guard ppl craft it. Let's do what we can for mechs thingy.

Hehehe ^,,,,^
I am always glad to hear that I was in some way helpful

Thanks to this, I have built this monstrosity
[Image: W36pQnk.jpg]
something goes here

I love it, 10/10. Also, I wonder if there'd be enough interest to make a mech based campaign?
FTD, what can I say? 750 hours played, more than anything else I've ever played. And yet, I STILL can't beat most of it. Says a lot. And yet, I keep playing Smile

(2016-07-24, 09:33 PM)randomness5555 Wrote: I love it, 10/10. Also, I wonder if there'd be enough interest to make a mech based campaign?

My guess... at least 20% ppl would interest to make mech based, the rest of, might be not interest mecha fetish like us...or might be complicated for them... my guess only...Smile

Welp, I built the torso without reading this guide.

This is the end result

[Image: 3mWevlQ.jpg]

Welp, got to finish up the torso bit and then build the "legs"

After school, of course.
Unlike war, plane physics ALWAYS change.
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"You see Ivan, if you hold CRAM gun like this, you'll never shoot the inaccurate because of FEAR of flipping over."
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Too boxy boxy... Try ya best to shape ya mech like Twin Guard... or any Gundam stuff.. or try to make like this too XD

[Image: IMCJeK6.gif]

and this...

[Image: 4j6uHas.gif]

and this too XD

[Image: F9x8QIn.gif]

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