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Decorative Blocks

3m circles to replace jet parts and scrap smelters as smokestacks, could also be used as masts. 1, 2, 3, and 4m columns to replace APS barrels. Circle to square converter pieces too.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Just went through the thread and grabbed most of the suggestions so far and compiled them into a single post. Should save clicking through the thread to see most suggestions. Sorry if suggestions are missing, are summarized poorly, or some other problem comes up, as I might have missed them on my pass or I might have considered them a duplicate and combined them. I can always edit in your suggestion if you let me know what I missed.

Decorative Parts/Blocks Listing:
Big Pipes.
Pulsing Electrical Conduits.
Large Circular Plates.
Pedestals (For cameras/binoculars to sit on).
Metal Grates.
Turbine Things.
Smoke Stacks that expel smoke.
Mooring Rope Posts.
Ship Ventilators / Air intake funnels.
Mast-like beams (10m/20m/30m long or so).
Mast Accesories.
Rounded Railings.
Skylight Glass wedges and circular parts.
Armored Glass.
Rescue buoys.
Edge-aligned windows.
Non-square shaped window objects.
Projector lights.
More doors.
More chairs.
More computer consoles.
Capstain and chains for anchors.
Cylindrical beams of wood for thinner beaming/crossbeams.
Chadburn order telegraph.
Connnection point based wire/cabling with thickness/length setttings.
Modern ship helms.
Signal flags and semaphores.
Ship nameplates.
Boat Davits.
Lettering blocks.
Rigging ropes.
Ship bells.
Pulse settings for lights.
Glowing parts/objects.
Fire expelling parts/blocks.
Pyramid blocks with square and circular bases and multiheight selections.
Borderless poster-holders with transparency settings.
Metal rivet blocks and parts.
Metal poles.
Interior metal/alloy/wood walls (smaller/thinner or maybe edge-based walls).
More metal textures for painting (copper, steel, iron, etc.).
Shaft blocks.
1x1 Sticker signs (Warnings, info, labeling signs, direction arrows).
Foliage blocks.
Custom flags that don't need an AI connection (images assigned like posters).
Commander Cupolas.
1x1 doors.
Slit blocks (akin to arrow slits or view-ports).
Warp selection or warpless chairs.
Blueprint-saved images for posters (instead of linked images).
Pillow blocks for beds.
Display monitors and TVs.
Kitchen appliances.
Sensor blocks that output things to a display.
Panel blocks.
Scaffolding blocks.
Aircraft catapults (docking port that imparts velocity on release).
Casemate mantlets for advanced cannons.
More variety in armor shapes.
Canvas covered mantlets.
Maxim gun-esqe water-cooled barrels for advanced cannons.
Missile hatches.
Torpedo tube doors.
Bomb bay doors.
Submarine style doors.
Finned barrels.
Engine exhaust scaling.
Framed window blocks.
Half-slope blocks and ramps.
Offset 1x2 elevation mantlet.
Ventilation fans.
Random construction shapes.
Small, decorative models.
Low Drag jet inlets.
Smaller antennas.
More computer parts.
Wall/floor cables.
Wall-mounted signs.
Decorative control stuff.
Cannon shutters.
Sail blocks remodel.
2x2 sloped corners.
Fuel processor model as decoration or share a function as a fuel tank.
More rounded blocks.
Engine sound changers (mufflers and noise amplifiers for engines).
Light/flag control from ACB.
Airlock doors.
Bunting (flag-covered cables and decorative drapes).
Oil lanterns.
Concave blocks.
Scalable, placable maps.
Small rotating lights.
Skin styles for blocks.
Control block with ship throttle.
Red button-looking ACBs.
Pressure plates / sensors for automatic doors.
Flaming torches.
Contrails for aircraft and bubblers for subs.
Sail skins.
Different balloon shapes.
More ram lengths/shapes.
More simple weapons (mortars, maxim guns, etc.).
Space Engineers-esqe windows.
Cargo hatches.
Ship statues and figureheads.
Smoke stacks that pollute everything and expel nasty coal smoke for pre-dreadnought goodness.
Gas lanterns.
Decoration Spheres.
Heat sinks / exhaust protection.
Aircraft drop tanks.
Beakhead rails.
Exhaust pipes with surrounding frames/structure.
On-vehicle linked teleporters.
More player-friendly viewing equipment and sensors akin to the wireless camera.
More drill heads for decor (chainsaws, buzzsaws, bandsaws, cylinder-based drills, etc.).
Coloring laser parts.
Drainless steam engine exhaust / smoke stacks.
Little headlights with/without surrounding cage.
Tank tracks.
Placeable decoration tools (shovels, axes, etc.).
Logs / log stacks.
External fuel tanks.
Round tank hatches.
Mine plow.
Wall-mounted benches.
Slat/cage armor around vehicles.
More muzzle break types.
General block variety.
Reinforced glass.
3m circles for smoke stacks and other stuff.
Round to square conversion blocks.

If I could put them in a spoiler I would. Sorry for giant wall of text due to lack of spoiler BB code on the forum.

I love making planes but theres alot missing to them! It kinda fits into decorations but heres what I would like:
Airbrakes (Spoilers) (Slows and make the plane decend)
Flaps (Makes the plane go up but creates more drag so slows down the plane but more lift)
Airintakes (For a jet turbine) (Gives you power for a real jet engine, One that leaves a trail of smoke instead of fire)
Jet turbine (Makes great supersonic and comerical engines)(Gives you power for a real jet engine, One that leaves a trail of smoke instead of fire)
Afterburner (Entering supersonic will need an afterburner or alot of engines) (Gives you a flame instead of white smoke)
Landing gear (Front, Right, Left) (Will give you acces to land a god Lamb plane for once) (A landing gear has cycles after x amount of landings you need to repair them)
Maintenance bots (When a vehicle gets hit it leaves darker parts with maintenance bots you repair them)
New shapes for aerodynamics and more options
Thats my ideas but if you can please make buttons to! A button can be assigned to a task like controll block or spinblock, Guns, Ai, Shield, Light fittigns and more

Might be a be late but I'll throw in my two pence regardless. Maybe instead of (or alongside) making several new model assets from scratch there could be a way to essentially set whether a block is functioning or cosmetic. I'm not sure how difficult or easy that would be (seeing as the best place to set that would be in the build menu - perhaps in the decoration tab with tabs under it such as "laser" and "advanced cannon"?). Cosmetic blocks could then have a separate set price and health/armour values, which multiplies depending on dimensions - more blocks is more expensive after all.

This could work as a short time solution (again, depends on how easy it'd be to implement) and on top would still reward the inventiveness of builders using 'unconventional' parts for pretty lil' designs.

EDIT: Additionally, perhaps certain blocks could have interactions still. Say that cosmetic firing pieces can still fit cosmetic barrels, and have full gauge control without the need of gauge blocks. However they obviously can't fire.

As far as chair variation goes, I would greatly enjoy the chair variations being build on a floor block and the chair itself just being a mesh so that your avatar is at floor level when "sitting" on the chair instead of standing up on the chair and being a full meter up above where you want to be seated.

Something like this that I made for funzies a while back.. the avatar doesn't "sit" anyway so it's more that you stand/dock on it.

[Image: Screenshot_1132.png?width=578&height=326]
[Image: Screenshot_1133.png?width=578&height=326]
My DeviantArt Page Full of Shenanigans
[Image: ljhYQd1l.jpg]

Looks interesting. Maybe I should pop open 3Ds Max and make some stuff.

Also one thing to add in to the long list of things above. With the sandbags we also need camouflage netting.

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