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My feedback on the campaign so far.


I have been playing this campaign recently, i already have 13 hours on my current save, and this is my feedback so far.
So far i have managed to completelly cumbstomp the Steel empire.
Reasons are, as a believe.
1-SE vehicles are ridiculously overpriced, the bear for example is 700k rp and 2 of my 80k MBT can take it pretty easilly.
2-The SE groups featured low numbers of vehicles, the biggest tank force i faced were 4 tanks, while my first armored conpany, made under resource constraints, had 14 tanks, from MBTs to AAAs.
3-SE tanks have good shields but very low physical protection, ironically enought, the most durable SE design for me so far is the reaver, that thing can take a beating.
4-While SE ground forces were quite inadequte, their air force was very good. The Gannet was able to shoot down my planes multiple times, and very realiably disabled my tanks, and the reaver was a flying tank dishing out ridiculous damage, so much so that i was thinking about using it myself, that would have been the first time ever i use a foregin design in my campaing.
5-So far, the best SE tanks in my opinion are the Hadron, that has great physical armor, the Orion, that was simply very cost effetive, and the kingfisher while being really overpriced, managed to defend their units against my airplanes quite well.
For my unfavorite designs, i would say those are the Bear and the Hexxer, the bear is really expensive and not that good, and the Hexxer is not fun to fight against, and it ended up killing more friendlies than my troops.

Other factions stuff:
LH and WF tanks look like they just got their boats and placed then on the land with wheels, they should really get more "tanklike" designs.
OW are ok, but i dont like the fact they use shields.
The DWG is really good so far, their designs are really cool and unique, and i love the land marauder.

Now for my suggestions:

Frankly, if i had control over the campaign i would start it again, with the excpetion of the OW,DWG and TG . All factions have really overpriced designs, and together with hight FP units, that means they will have very small groups of not really that good of units.
But that is not really that great of idea, so my suggestion is make some small with low FP tanks for the factions, so you could have like 7-8 of then per fleet, with the units we have already being more rare.

Please keep in mind i do not wish to offend anyone, if my criticism feels too harsh i'm sorry, but that is how i feel about the campaign.

PS: The SE tank Brushcutter has 2 different cannons in the same turret, that means the AI tries to aim only with 1 cannon and misses everything with the other one.

PS2: Sorry for my bad english right now, i'm really tired.
Ur mum is a nice lady.

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