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[Lore] Area and Resource Zone Descriptions

Welp, finally finished with these. Red for areas, green for RZs.

Corsal Dunes: The sun-baked desert of Corsal is a truly inhospitable place. Water is far and few between with almost all bodies of water are either salt lakes or long since dried up whereas flora and fauna are an almost mythical sights in their rarity. Still this barren wasteland has its own inhabitats: Raiders of the Dustwind clan claim the wastes as their own, striking from the heart of the desert where the armies of the Empire dare not to follow them, and foolhardy seekers of fortune scour the dunes in search of artifacts of long-dead civilizations.

DWG HQ: Ratmast: The ragtag Town of Ratmast is one of the only permanent settlements in Corsal. Situated near one of the only sources of fresh water in the whole desert, this wretched hive of scum and villainy is a well-known hub for black market business where everything from illegal military salvage to rare artifacts dug up from the dunes can be bought and sold far from the prying eyes of the Empire. Conquering it would grant a man of dubious morals a great if less-than-legal source of wealth.

Southern Expanse: These vast plains were given a rather misplaced name during the early exploration of the island. Apart from the seasonal monsoon rains and a few landmarks the whole area is rather unremarkable and only sparsely inhabited by a few farmers and ranchers.

SE RZ: Fort Phantom: Formed as a response to the constant raids of the Dustwind Gypsies, this lone garrison is mostly crewed by soldiers who have been reassigned there after some form of misconduct. Endless pelting by heavy rain and living on a constant state of alert due to their raider neighbours have rendered the men stationed here remarkably mean-spirited and remarkably quick to dispense their frustration on anything vaguely enemy-shaped enroaching on their territory.

DWG RZ: Riverbank Ruins: Aftermath of the recent monsoon and the floods that followed have revealed a rare find: An ancient library buried in the muddy riverside, untouched by robbers and filled with tablets written in a long-forgotten language. Such treasures could fetch high enough prices from wealthy collectors to outfit a small army.

Northern player RZ: Annaz Testing Grounds: This battered stretch of land is the final resting place of many an old tank who are performing their last service to the nation as targets for whatever prototype vehicle happens to be undergoing testing at the grounds at the time. Though most of the dilapidated husks are beyond repair, many of them could still be salvaged for scrap and spares.

Player HQ: Stockpile 114: Through a semi-legal acquisition of a few official documents and by greasing the right palms you have managed to buy an old and remote stockpile that was nearly forgotten by the Empire. The countless ancient AFV:s, curious prototypes, towering mountains of discarded parts and other oddities will take decades to shift trough and will certainly fetch a hefty price from scrap merchants and collectors. Maybe you could even get a few of them up and running...

Gemini Lakes: These twin lakes were one of the most visited tourist traps in the Neter, owing to their uniqueness and the year-around perfect weather in the area. Recent tensions and the increasingly dangerous waters surrounding the island have however resulted in the resorts becoming abandoned ruins with even the most stubborn idle rich avoiding it like plague.

TG HQ: Las Gemini Grand Resort: Most people said that the renowned business mogul Erik Karlsberg was either mad or just plain stupid to build his holiday resort between a military training zone, a bunch of farmland and a frozen hellhole, yet it was this odd place that gave Las Gemini its stepping stone to prosperity. Favored by high-ranking Empire officers, cattle barons and Onyx Watch noblemen from the neighbouring regions the resort quickly grew to the size of a small town. These days the once-luxurious casinos and hotels are however a far cry from their past glory, having been abandoned due to the rising tensions of the civil war. Now its only inhabitants are the minions of the Twin Guard who are slowly disassembling the resort for raw materials.

Coldwell Plains: It is said that no other part of Neter has been so thoroughly bombed and blown up as the plains of Coldwell. Having served as a military training area for almost two centuries, the whole region is so pock-marked by artillery shells and other explosives that it's usually harder to find undamaged land than craters. Most soldiers of the Empire end their training on the Plains in a massed exercise between the different service branches, and any enlisted man worth their salt has a story or ten to tell about their misadventures there.

SE HQ: Shoals of Lohtaja: Commonly known by the Empire's soldiers as ”The Miniature Corsal” the beaches of Coldwell are renowned for being made of several things, namely sand, sand, more sand and depending on the season either snow or mosquitoes, with an additional serving of sand. Soldiers training in the area fight an endless war trying to keep their equipment clear of the grime that seems to home inside clothing and weaponry. While the area is otherwise rather scarce with resources, a landing craft sunk at a nearby shoal a few years back while carrying dozens of vehicles. Scavenging the shipwreck in the shallows could prove highly profitable.

TG RZ: Magru Delta: A few centuries ago the Magru river was the home of one of the biggest gold rushes seen on Neter. Thousands of prospectors and other seekers of fortune congregated to pan the river and mine the surrounding countryside in a mad dash for riches which lasted for two decades and resulted in the finding of the single biggest gold nugget in the world, nicknamed "The Heart of Magru." Nowadays the the riverside is mostly inhabited by ghost towns and stubborn adventurers still seeking to find long-lost abandoned mines, though recently Twin Guard mining drones have been sighted mining the mouth of the river.

TG RZ 2: The Little Fell: Onyx Watch doesn't like new things in general, so the appearance of Twin Guard collector units in the tundra has been an unwelcome sight. While the two factions haven't come to blows over territory yet, the men of the Watch have entered into an extremely passive-aggressive war of insult-hurling. Gangs of drunk watchmen are a common if somewhat odd sight hanging at the edges of Twin Guard quarries, shouting obscenities at passing miner-drones.

The Titan's Tundra: No historian or folklorist is quite certain what titans were actually supposed to be: Though mentioned quite often by whatever written texts remain from the Empire's ancient past, nobody knows whether they were gods, mythological beings or just a group of highly important people from ages past. Rauros Macsoileater, the (in)famous explorer who first charted the island, allegedly picked the name randomly by choosing a cool-sounding word from a dictionary, though he later claimed it was the result of countless hours of research and deep deliberation.

OW HQ: Peak of Rauros: Named after the renowned explorer who originally found it, the Peak of Rauros is jokingly referred to as the sacred ground of the Onyx Watch. No other location in whole Neter that features as massive reserve of oil, which surpasses even the already legendary wealth of the Cold Loch. Many would-be raiders and conquerors seeking the riches within the mountain have been utterly crushed by the zealous defence mounted by the soldiers of the Watch, who will gladly lay down their lives for this unique natural wonder.

OW RZ: Colossus of Ozymandias: One of the greatest wonders left behind by whatever long-forgotten civilization once inhabited the island is the gigantic statue to one of their ancient god-kings. Over thirty meters tall, this majestic monument of oxidized bronze is a testament to the engineering genius of the previous owners of the island. Of course the statue isn't actually there anymore, as it was sitting on a massive deposit of good-quality iron. The Colossus now overlooks the Onyx Throne, having been relocated there by the Watch forces who originally found it, its original location having been turned into a quarry.

Annaz Mountains: This majestic mountain range that divides the island in two has been mined for resources for over a thousand years. Countless abandoned mines are littered across the range, and prospectors from all across still comb the mountains in search of riches.

Southern Player RZ: Annaz Mines: Finding the abandoned mines was certainly a boon to your efforts. Crystals, high-quality iron and other valuable resources are plentiful here, presenting a perfect beginning to a budding war machine. However one must be wary of competition – you might not be the only one interested in claiming their wealth.

LH RZ: Annaz Pass: This strategically important pass in the middle of the island has been the location of countless battles, with the earliest recorded skirmish happening over two millenia ago. Not only is the pass an excellent choke point to protect either side of the mountain, but it's also brimming with untapped resources and salvage from conflicts both ancient and new.

Whispering Wind Plains: Originally known as the Whispering Wind Woods, the once-majestic forests have been mostly chopped down by the will of the High Flayer. Most of the rickety ships built by Iron Thorn Ministry get their raw material from here, whether it be the wood used to build them or the zealots used to crew them.

WF HQ: The Forest Court: Native inhabitants of the island followed a pagan religion that held forests as sacred, with gods themselves holding court in their hearts. The first missionaries of the Church of the Flayed god arriving on the island weren't particularly impressed by these native rites. Nowadays only the name of these old forests remains, with the massive woods either burned or chopped down to build the armada of the Iron Thorn Ministry.

Copperwind Plateau: The Copperwind Plateau dominates the completely flat landscape around it. A popular pilgrimage site for the followers of the Flayed God, the slopes of this large rock are littered with spikes, remnants of blood-sacrifices, flayed skins and the battered corpses of the pilgrims who haven't been careful about where they step.

WF RZ: Shrine of St. Alma: The death of St. Alma is a widely celebrated event of the Church of the Flayed god, commemorating the sacrifice the saint that ended a decades-long schism within the church. What most don't know is that as her last words Alma begged the High Flayer for her life, saying that she could still be useful to the church. The High Flayer agreed to only one of these things.

Wisp Dancers' Swamp: This dark swamp seems to be perpetually covered in rain clouds or fog. This ominous atmosphere has given rise to countless urban legends by the neighboring farmers or bored soldiers, and a wide range of ghosts and swamp-lurking monsters are said to inhabit the bog. Regardless of the veracity of these stories the Dancers' Swamp is certainly a ghastly place littered with St. Elmo's lights and other curiosities, and the endless bogs and cliffs make it next to impossible to traverse even in most of optimal weather.

Shockray Coast: The east coast of the island, though pleasant and ideal of tourism, has been completely uninhabited and fenced off for the past century with the officials of the Empire blaming a large-scale industrial accident as the reason. A popular conspiracy theory claimed that a Scarlet Dawn mothership crashed on the beach during the first war, and sightings of odd lights and black-and-green UFOs are common among the denizens of the nearby plains.

LH HQ: Shockray Peninsula: In public knowledge this remote area is an industrial zone, filled with nondescript factories and similar unintersting sights. In truth the peninsula is a secret research facility of the Thirteen Sages, with the surrounding waters being an ideal testing ground for their hover technology. Though assaulting the heavily dug-in Hoods will certainly be a challenge, a daring conqueror could gain access to all manner of knowledge and resources left behind by the rogue scientists.

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