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Neter: Ashes of the Empire - First experience

Two hours of campain, but a bit more in fact.
Localized ressources, ennemy growth x2.

My first start:
I was peacefully thinking about what i'm gonna scrap and where when "fleet blockade" appeared.

I was like, "how it's gonna be some kind of tutorial land vehicules".
I scrapped some decoration, the antenna and the starter stuff with not other modifications. Also, around 6k of each ressource.

When combat started i watched a bit the main vehicule rolling around and decided to see what's against me... What a surprise! Two giant tanks (3.8k volume) and some other that didn't spawn in yet....

I was like "ok, this is probably normal". I decided to manually dodge CRAM fire but at this exact moment i got 1shot by a CRAM shell.

Next, i thought "the base should be able to defend it self!"
I teleported to the defence turret(it's size surprised me) with the intention to take a look at it but at this moment it exploded... Then CRAM start falling on the main base, i quit to main menu lol.

I'm OK with such experiences, but it's true hardcore. Most will just runnaway from such experience.

Second try:

I poped and paused the game.

Took a close look at the starting equipement. Did minor scrapping on the main building.

No ressources to build anything, loaded two drones that cost nothing.

Modified the starting armored vehicule using speed 0.1.
Buffed it's firing rate and change ammo type to sabot.
Added a disrupt shield in the turret.

While i was finishing shield config - first combat happened.

One drone exploded (dunno why, was removing useless components from vehicule).

The second drone kept AI buisy.

I fired from long range while tanks were running after my drone...
Such ridiculus situation.

I did fire long without even seeing where i fire, tweaking the vehicule in combat.

Finaly, i put on a cheap CRAM turret on the starting armored veh.

When fog went away: what i've seen surprised me!

[Image: f8rWNFr9dGwwpLLs.jpg]

Two tanks flipped over, one disabled...

My actions were for almost nothing.
A single 1.6k metal drone with two missiles made them flip over.

I think there are design issues.

When i got close, one tank was repairing, another was pack of metal with no visible AI or anyting, but it was still there, another was on it's wheels, not captured or anything but doing nothing.

After this battle i got spammed by various vehicules. I didn't have the time to build anything (a small AA only).

The starting base got destroyed. I think the next combat will be the last, i've got the modified starting tank, huge tanks remains laying around and an AA.

Also, what am i supposed to do to raise the block limit higher than 2k? Build tents ? =D Hope this limit isn't there forever...
[Image: CUXgqyd.jpg]

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