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Ahrida Aviatory Wing Corp NEW! Fighter: Belangkasan II Ausf C

wow awesome village. I made a town too
partially built... but it is a bit too laggy for me to work on it more.
Also that video remind me of like a game's dialogue in story mode. Those classic handheld games. So good job!
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

(2017-05-09, 10:21 PM)Lukasmah Wrote: It looks like it has eyes.

Yes It does. I should add em the eyes in the first place. heh heh. And now... I need to remake the older models. Except for certain units.

(2017-05-09, 11:09 PM)afjklol Wrote: wow awesome village. I made a town too
partially built... but it is a bit too laggy for me to work on it more.
Also that video remind me of like a game's dialogue in story mode. Those classic handheld games. So good job!

Have a village + military facilities = Feel of joys of creations. This is not enough. I should build a proper installations. Like a the main production of all my ships coming from. Like a. Naval Ship Yard. Air field. Automaton Assembly. Heh hehBig Grin. And yeah... I need to divide each sections to avoid getting lags for this.

Those game dialogue actually got some idea when I played RPG games so much. And I realised this style the FTD Japanese also do the same like Im currently do now. Ya can find them at Niconico video for FTD they done.Smile

At last... the second version or B type has born. I mean... evolved from the older Belangkasan. Now... he ready to fly once more... in the different styles.

[Image: 5m3DZqr.jpg]

[Image: E3yIO0j.jpg]


One of Belangkasan saw the Saucer floats away from Freedomia to the northwest. Where Shahza and her rest of squads await them. But not for the rest of Belangkasan since they have the dangerous task given by their leader, Wilma. When the Belangkasan II A successfully evolved. 10 of Belangkasan II A ready to fly. But Belangkasan has one thing they hold in their heart. They never leave their brothers and sisters behind. If they wanna fly. They fly together... even so... death parts. While they await their brothers finalize their new form. More of their brothers arrived and assist them to the Northeast and Southeast to defend against Lightning Hood and Scarlet Dawn since the experienced fighter from 14 Belangkasan fought for a long time. Three days later. 4 Belangkasan II B has complete evolved. His armaments still the same. But got an extra weapon he packs in. Like. Extra... two more of PAC. And a small bomb. This time his role is not just fighting like a Belangkasan II A did. He also can drop a bomb down below. Leave pellets of bombs to the hostile units and blast. Minor damage. But still, it is good.

Four Belangkasan II B successfully evolved. Before the rest of their brother also do the same.


[Image: mNEQFfX.jpg]

Particle Canon

2x of Impact PAC canon
2x of EMP PAC canon


2x Turret 45 degree missiles. Middle. Use to engage any hostile units attempt to attack her from behind.

8x of 7m gantry Missiles launchers. Below. Use to engage any hostile units at front.

8x of 2m gantry Bomber. Frag and Magnet. Drop the bombs when reach around 300m upon the enemies.

8x of 2m gantry Bomber. Explosive and Magnet. Drop the bombs when reach around 300m upon the enemies.


2x Sticky flares. Each turret.


1x Radar 360
1x Camera 360
1x Snooper

1x Laser Range Finder
1x Camera 90

~Ya can find and him/her at~

[Image: hw9YnFz.jpg]

Not that Suraya learned from Palvatonskiv about airship and thrustercraft. Suraya also learned something from Wilma too for the plane based concept. This Assault Wing is the first Suraya Offensive used in the battle for Zarmina. Go on Shahudakhirin!

[Image: kRZlZph.jpg]

[Image: 1BVsqxR.jpg]

Suraya's Lore

After Palvatonskiv taught her everything the functions for the airship, helicopter, and thrustercraft. Palvatonskiv encouraged me (Suraya) that go to the Wilma. She was aero dynamic maker too. Hearing that from him, I'd pack everything I have, especially rune scrolls to keep it as a Note Book. I (Suraya) visited Wilma by using airship supply to the west area of Haizahi Highland. What I'd saw its, even more, surprised me. How can the flying metal capable fly with the enormous speeds? It's faster than the Palvaton's built. When I'd met the Ahrida Aviatory crews, summoners, and several engineers from the Fiery Star Confederation Engineers, I...I saw something even more... weird. At first, those Ahrida peoples who helping Wilma is the ancient birds, an enemy for the young races, me and the rest of my kinds. And... those Fiery Star Confederations, humias... they are mixed up together... It's clearly something's wrong with us who gave their bad image back in the old days.

I met Wilma, according to the Palvatonskiv said. She was a leader of this corp. A cat smile, her short hair with a twin tail or something, orange eyes... or brown eyes. That's something I never see in my life. As I know from Palvatonskiv. she's quite a strict person, I don't see where the strict attitudes Palvatonskiv mentioned to me. All I (Suraya) know she was nice with all peoples. I think Palvatonskiv and Wilma relationship might have their... scars from the past? Well... that's not my problem.

Four months later. I(Suraya) barely understand the basics Wilma taught to me. I kept a lot of my scrolls inside my bags to study for advanced research. However... I got a word from Ashayani that there's something big happened at the Palvaton station port 02. When I arrived there. It appears something looks different from any ships I saw. Ashayani said those people are called the Idrillian Kingdom coming to our world. I (Suraya) didn't know those humias live from the outer sky... I need to know more. I must tell Ashayani and Palvatonskiv to teach me how to communicate with them.

Several months later at the Zarmina Planet. The environment that my pioneer told me was bad conditions. I'll let Ashayani and remain ZNF people handle. I need to summon everything I have... Ardahukhirin... checked. Shahudakhirin. Hmm... I need her for the fast unit to scout everything this area.

Shahuda's Lore

Shahudakhirin is designed to lay down some high explosive fireworks, with size at 345m (APS canons) enough to damage any hostile naval forces. It would be great if Shahuda blows the smallest and medium too! However Shahuda aware that her design is not really fit in the battle against any hostile aircraft's she encounters. This would be bad for her, except for relying on two missiles at behind and two turrets of auto canons... that's the only way that she can intercept the enemies who tailing her from behind.


[Image: V3A1mUb.jpg]


6x of 345m Shahuda Firework Canons. APS weapon. Primary weapon. Good against naval units. Great against small units.

10x of 5m gantry Shahuda Launchers. Missiles weapon. Secondary weapon. Azimuth systems. Good against medium size units. Great against small aircraft's.

2x of 5m gantry Shahuda Launchers. Missiles weapon. Secondary weapon. Azimuth systems. Intercept any hostile aircraft from behind. Good against small and medium size aircraft's.

2x of Twin Simple Auto canons. Secondary weapon. Azmuth systems. Intercept any hostiles from behind. Moderate against medium and large size units.


4x of 2m gantry sticky flares


1x Passive Radar 360
2x Radar 90
2x Camera 90

2x Laser Range Finder Tracker
2x IR Camera Gimbal

~I'm (Wilma) just give some a little thought for her (Suraya) for the basics flying jet. I was hoping she's doing well to the other world. Wish her luck everyone. And... she left her bp at the~

[Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]

[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]
Fighter. I heard the Fighter class are Doggy-Fighto. So they barking each other in order to show their teeth which is one is the goodie look.

.blueprint   Belangkasan II Ausf C.blueprint (Size: 150.65 KB / Downloads: 59)

.blueprint   Belangkasan II Ausf A.blueprint (Size: 132.72 KB / Downloads: 11)
Vehicle Updated!

.blueprint   Zudahada Ausf A.blueprint (Size: 83.63 KB / Downloads: 31)

[Image: 7NtPzaK.jpg]
Its the same role as Fighter and Interceptor class. But this class are special-folded-armaments. Which mean they using wings to manipulated the weapons. I guess yer know what I'm saying right?

[Image: hw9YnFz.jpg]

Drop the bombs on the enemy. That's all I know. Smile

.blueprint   Belangkasan II Ausf B.blueprint (Size: 183.73 KB / Downloads: 6)
Vehicle Updated!

[Image: 7mXlJQ9.jpg]

Just like Flying Fortress class bomber. They can defend themselves before reaching the target for bombings. However, there's another case, With the natives power they had. This plane capable replicate themselves to take the roles on the airborne combats.

Took a long time to visit this corp and it is time to release the tactical Fighter not just for Doggo-Fighto only. She can lay down the bombs to the enemy ship as much as she can. Zudahada Ausf A will the be first to fly to the sky.

[Image: FOEFf3R.jpg]

[Image: 2wIjIhu.jpg]


Zudahada and Zudafahi relationships were great since the RIAH Conservator Army was formed by many of their brothers in Central Region, Southern Region, and Eastern Region to fight against the humias invader, Alexandria Empire is the most threat than the others. Although Zudahada is commonly are not the warriors, unlike Zudafahi since the Zudahada people majority are women's. Until the day one or two starts to broke their traditions to travel into the outer world rather stuck in their own teachings, lead the anger by the elders for breaking out their belief. Plus when they heard the news from the Haizahi City that Hialda announced that she has the Eidolons will save their fate from the new enemies with their knowledge that the Kinnaza peoples didn't have it. Zudahada and the rest of her curiosity people followed her in order to volunteer themselves to save the other brothers and sister from the outer region which is now occupied by the humias invaders. Zudafada and her sisters when to the Ahrida Airfield Command is to offer themselves to become a warrior of the sky. During that time Ahrida Facility was halted due to lack of warriors use the several planes that Wilma is already built. Hearing that Zudahada is the first person interested to try the prototypes that Wilma built. From the Ausf A into the Ausf F (Total a six variant) for Modified Horton Ho stealth fighter jet that she(Wilma) of. So since she (Zudahada) is the first person from the Brownwing kinds interested to use the aero-dynamic planes. Wilma taught them with all she had. It took about 3 months of training to make them understand. But the progress was slowing down because they are having the motion sickness. But later they physicals and mentals are strengthened and ready to fly.

Zudahada Ausf A, formerly Modified Horton Ho is the multi tasks Fighter designed is not just doing the Dog Fights only. She also has the dive bombers and some Grenade bombs(APS), armed with the timed-fuse and watch the explosions to the enemy targets. Even if missed and can also do the harms. Small aircraft of course! But not just that. Zudahada Ausf A has two warriors seat from behind by mounting the Fireworks Launchers to defend against any pesky aircraft attempt to attack her tail. And... somehow Zudahada Ausf A served for the Raider tactic to jump over the enemy ships for boarding process.

Development started after Zudahada and her clans offered Wilma to use the Modified Horton Ho and become the Zudahada Ausf A. 42 Horton Ho was built. 29 converted to the Zudahada Ausf A. The rest is used for the development or variant uses.


[Image: QsBbx1g.jpg]


4x of 340mm mounted Hada Canon. APS, Primary Weapon, Not reliable for accuracy but would be deadly once hit and explode. Good against any target.

2x of 4m gantry Hada Portable Fireworks. Missile, Secondary Weapon. Defend her from any threats from behind. Moderate against any targets. Good against small aircraft.

6x of different gantry size Hada Launchers. Missile, Secondary Weapon. Used to fight against any aircraft.

4x of 3m gantry Hada Bomb. Missile, Dive bombing weapon. Lay down the bombs to the enemy ships. Good against the naval target.

2x of 5m gantry Hada Bomb. Missile, Dive bombing weapon. More deadly than the standard dive bombs. Great against the naval target.


1x Sticky Flares


4x Camera 90

1x IR Camera Gimbal
1x Range Finder 5m Armor

~You can find her or her sisters at the~

[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]

Since the newest patch has entered. I barely updated the older Belangkasan II A and Belangkasan II Ausf B. This time for C version. Wanna grab him and ready to catapult the Horseshoe Crab and let em fly...or... gliding?

[Image: DG8CBrJ.jpg]

[Image: quKgOx6.jpg]


Ever since in the Neter world when Wilma saw many of old hull of Belangkasan's. Many of Bayunian warriors suggested Wilma make more of their kinds with many roles. As far as Wilma know that she's already finished and make some maintenance to Ausf A and Ausf B. Wilma agreed with them since they are the only warriors capable protecting the rest of the fleets from below such as Monklizard's forces and Shahza forces in the large scales. However, Wilma also warned the Bayunian that this process will take a lot of times to finalize it before mass-produced more. Good thing for Wilma is... those Bayunian sizes... well generally they are small and some of them barely morphed into the humanoid shape and same as Wilma's size as the human height. Which mean is...Wilma and the rest of Ahridian Constructor can produce it with ease. Three weeks later. Wilma and the rest of the Ahridian and Bayunian finalized two type so far. Belangkasan II Ausf C and Ausf D. Ausf C is the Soul Shocker user since they are quite well adapted with the dangerous weapon compare to the Young Races. Shortly later when the first aircraft was built Wilma questioned one of the Bayunian people who is gradually morphed into the human size. Can they adapt themselves to the current shapes? With a little spiky around the back, armored, and quite creepy arms because of arachnids sharp blades at the fingers. But they said they didn't concentrate the hardened shells on their hands so they told Wilma that it will be fine. over 45% Bayunian warriors board in the newest variant of Belangkasan II Ausf C. And take off to the specific locations. to the Northwest where the Eastern Region of Kinnaza still battles against Corrupted AI of Twin Guard. North East to repel any incoming Scarlet Dawn from breaching the center of the Neter, High Lorhan which is many wreckages of White Flayers and minor Scarlet Dawn was collected and study by the Sharza's men. And East where the Khirin's Family prepare to launch the Offensive assault to the Lightning Hood HQ, The Quartz.

Belangkasan II Ausf C is the Fighter Class, armed with two type of Particle Canon designed to tear down the heavy armors when he/she gets closer to the enemies. However, due to the limitation of space to fill more the batteries. Ausf C firepower slightly weak compare the Ausf B, that's why the Secondary Weapon, MG canons is ready to support as well. But it would be nice if the Ausf C has many of his kind together. However, using the mass of Wolf Pack tactics is not really nice action since they are aware of Crashing each other. Advice to change their Aerial card with specific altitude would be great.

Development started after Ausf A and B were introduced. 36 Ausf C was built, they divided into three groups to aid the locations which are considered as the hot zone.


[Image: GQZsWyT.jpg]


Left Wing

- 1x Bright Shock, Primary Weapon. Impact PAC. Good against any units encounters.
- 3x of 6m gantry missiles. Secondary Weapon. Missiles. Good against any units encounters.

 Right Wing

- 1x Penance Shock, Primary Weapon. Piercing PAC. Good against any units encounter.
- 3x of 6m gantry missiles. Secondary Weapon. Missiles. Good against any units encounters.


- 4x Radar Mix Flare Buoys


- 1X Passive Radar 360
- 2x Camera 90
- 1x Range Finder 5m Armor


[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]

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