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Ahrida Aviatory Wing Corp NEW! Fighter: Belangkasan II Ausf C

Nice colours, that red highlight is gorgeous.
(2016-10-27, 12:13 AM)Chromoid Wrote: AdNecrias, you have earned this:
[Image: EObLzKD.png]
Bear it with pride, my friend. *salute*

Really... man i didnt expected that way... thanks man.

Love your stuff.

I challenge you to create a nice "base of operations" - a sky fort, befitting the style and design philosophy heretofore espoused.
I bet you could make a very pretty home for all these lovely sky vessels.

(2017-03-15, 06:07 PM)Qes Wrote: create a nice "base of operations" - a sky fort, befitting the style and design philosophy heretofore espoused.
I bet you could make a very pretty home for all these lovely sky vessels.

Base of Operations. So far I dont have yet, but already has a defence outpost. A small outpost hanging those flyers, for now the Belangkasan was the 1st relax on the hanging pad.
[Image: UZUKELR.png]

Home for all these? Actually they have it. When ya point to the sky vessels. Sure. I'll take a that challenge. For now this is home for them... until I build the other branch for their... home sweet home...

[Image: c6tfxGy.png]

[Image: VkQJ5VQ.png]

[Image: 3vAbuX7.png]

[Image: OdscmpU.png]

Filthy ground dwellers!

I kid, those are fantastic.

I want to make some kind of enormous cloud spire soon. If I ever finish my fleet i'd be happy to share it, but it shall pale in comparison to your designs.

(2017-03-16, 12:35 AM)Qes Wrote: But it shall pale in comparison to your designs.

Dont pale on the ground. I'm sure ya can do the better than my designs. Cheer! Get a grips and stand up.Tongue

Actually... Im also doing some Neter campaign... with a strange RPG thingies inside. This episode I actually deployed several houses base on the pictures above.


While Shahza Tribalist Community Corp doing some... Remake/Remaster their older designs. Wilma attempting to proceed the same after discover some hull and weapon technique and shapes as well. The colors still not fully well yet. So Wilma thought this plan would be suffice to assist another faction. Known as Flux Liner Corp (Subscriber) Eager to join his fleet together with Wilma air forces and Palvaton air forces.

[Image: q4bouv3.jpg]

The horseshoe crabs excited when Wilma and the Ahrida engineers managed to remake the new hull for Belangkasan aircraft. Now... the only left is to file in the data and proceed the mass productions to assist RIAH Conservator Army at Neter world. And... joint squad between RIAH and Flux Liner Corp (Subscriber).

[Image: bJeYkzt.png]

Upgrade completed! Belangkasan II Ausf A ready to entering combat in the Neter world (Neter Campaign). And retrofit her old version from first Belangkasan.

[Image: lJoHvDE.jpg]

[Image: JJfADS2.jpg]


Wilma heard from Monklizard that Shahza attempt to remake her old Assaultmaton units she built. Knowing that actions. Wilma also proceeds the same thing before Monklizard, Palvaton and Aldenese Hans know. When she back to the airfield command, she saw the Belangkasan Freewinder squads were landed to the sea shore near the Freedomia City. She has no choice to walk into them. Those Belangkasan told her that they saw Arshahiran rebuilt own self. More armors, good equipment, along with the companions Arshahiran hold. Wilma told the Belangkasan squad leader. She doesn't have any powers to renovate them all since the Freedomia was built, lacking pieces of equipment and materials. But with dedications from Belangkasan had. They are not just stay in former form. They also can morph into the same body like a human. So they can ease her burden. And Wilma agreed with them.

Belangkasan told her that, the man who came from the sky. Flux Liner Corp. They already met the Harris Redwill, Sue Redwill and Monklizard at Freedomia Town Hall. He's got a saucer flyers ready to assist Shahza Corp to the northwest, Twin Guard zones. Although Belangkasan didn't have a mission to go there. But later Belangkasan squad heard that he plans to aid us, far to the northeast. Where the extraterrestrial forces of Scarlet Dawn is currently expanding their territory. He currently landing more of his aircraft which is capable of dealing those enemies with ease. But worrying more for Belangkasan since they experienced with the dangerous weapons Scarlet Dawn has. Belangkasan forms a meeting with all his and her kinds to divide some group. Two days later. At the Freedomia City shore. Wilma and her crews understand the Belangkasan plans. Although they drawn into the sand beach. Belangkasan plan is to make the variants of Belangkasan Ausf A, B, C, and D. E type not really their plan. Consider E type were on hold. Wilma proceeds their plan and builds a new hull for them.
A couple days later. several armors and armaments were installed to the Belangkasan. And they doing the last evolving. Belangkasan II Ausf A has completed. With this... thin armors they have. But it provides more of speed to catch any hostile aircraft's with easily. Although their favorite weapon, Particle Canons were thrown off from their riggings. Replaced a 125mm MG. To shred down enemies. And the minimal amount of missiles. And... Laser Defences. To repel any hostile missiles incoming toward the allies. Especially Flux Liner forces and the rest of Khirhinza and Khirin's Family.

No record for this Belangkasan has. All Wilma know they are 14 unit already in Neter World, equiped and evolved into the Belangkasan II.


[Image: FQqrMW2.jpg]

APS Canons

2x of 125mm MG canon. Front. Assault anything infront her/him.


3x of 5m long Torpedos. Reversed Launchers. Drop torpedos to the sea and watch enemy ship become firework explosions.


2x of Laser Defences. Multiple setups.
4x of 2m Flares


1x Radar 360
2x Passive Radar 360
1x Snooper

1x Range Finder 7m Armour
4x Radar Gimbals

Belangkasan II Ausf A when to the sea shore and prepare to fly. They rest of his unit ya can find them (blueprint) at

[Image: kq04FtA.jpg]

It looks like it has eyes.
Götterdämmerung muss fliegen.

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