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Black Flag Airships (Fleet BP dump)- New! Villainous-Class Refit

Instead of making a new page everytime I make something I`ve decided to just make a fleet BP dump where I can post all my designs without having to feel to obligated to making text walls about the stuff.
So a few notes and stuffs before I launch ahead:
-First, this is NOT for a corporation or faction (Atleast maybe not yet) but rather a collection of my creations through various campaigns and vehicle designer sessions.
- Vehicle posts can range anywhere from a brief picture and short overview to a full blown post if I feel the vehicle needs the justice. Of course the essentials are weapons and general combat ability with maybe a short synopsis of it`s current lore.
-I`ll be editing older posts if minor things change in a craft but if it`s a major change then it`ll recieve a new post.
-Lastly, while this is a themed fleet bp dump, I may upload other random do-dads but I will state it as such
-Suggestions and improvements/critique is welcome!
Black Flag Navy
[Image: nex8kFG.png]
(My pitiful excuse for a Flag)

A unification of the remnents of both the Deep water guard and Silent Abyss Privateering firm, this force specializes in nothing but airships. While largely wooden and in various states of combat capability and age these vessels are still not to be taken lightly.
*You may have to go looking for the various ships I have posted* Sorry Confused I wish I was more forum savy
What`s new?:
Villainous-Class Dreadnought 1755 refit (21st page 7th post down)
[Image: 5249D62D39242D70518C7437B0F834D8790BE63C]
So lets start off with the ones that I`ve already posted prior to this:

-The Witch-Class Aerial Corvette
[Image: CZqfpFXh.png]
* Ahh, the first ship I posted to this forum~
- One 165mm gun turret firing HESH ammo
- One 92mm gun turret firing APCR ammo
- One 5-barreled 25mm autocannon firing APDS ammo
- One Quad missile turret firing a Long-range Frag/EMP Infra-red missile
- Eight Deck launched laser guided VTMs
-Protection is sub-par but has shielding around the front
-Broadside Vessel
-Speed is meh but can be increased.
Lore synopsis:
An obsolete craft from the early operations of the Silent Abyss in Neter. It proved sufficient until meeting substantially more combat efficient enemies and was fazed out by the CL-27 Revenger-class. Maintained usage as a scout, patrol vessel and a support during commerce raids. Usage has resurfaced in the BFN due to cheap costs and expendability.
An interesting fact of note is that old Witch Captains keep a "Crystal" above the 2nd smoke stake. While purely decorative now, apparently the crystals had "repair" abilities that would repair the ship without the use of resources. While skeptics believe that to be preposterous, documents recovered from Sunken SAN ships evidently state situations where ships repaired at remarkable speeds despite being in combat and nearly crippled.
Original post:Witch class (Don`t necro it pls)
.blueprint   Witch_Class_Corvette.blueprint (Size: 152.69 KB / Downloads: 243)

-The Archenemy-Class Aerial Battlecruiser:
[Image: QOaMG6Ch.png]
[Image: K5TfbWGh.png]

- Two Dual 250mm gun turrets firing HE-SC ammo
- Eleven Dual 105mm gun turrets firing APCR ammo
- Two 120mm gun turrets Firing APDS ammo
- Six 6-barreled 30mm autocannons firing APDS ammo
- 16 turreted missiles in various configurations
- One 355mm gun firing APHE ammo
-Sub-optimal protection but with liberal use of shielding (Not necessarily effective)
-LAMs system
-Broadside vessel
-18m/s~ speed
Lore Synopsis:
The Archenemy was the pride of, and only surviving Capital ship from the SAN. Severely damaged after the battle of cold loch it it retreated to the captured steady buffalo base in north-eastern Eriwick to recieve repairs. An outdated ship with many flaws it now serves as a follow-up force to it`s successor, the Nemesis-Class. The class is still with use however, with 3 more ships being planned for deployment.
Interestingly, this among a few other ships are noteworthy for starting the nickname for SAN ships, "Matchsticks". B/C of their long and skinny hulls and tendency to "blow up into flames" if struck right.
OP: Archenemy-class
.blueprint   Archenemy_Class_Aerial_Battlecruiser_V.blueprint (Size: 1,014.57 KB / Downloads: 243)

Now it`s just the Cutlass and Scavengers to Refurbish and the post on the Nemesis... But since I don`t like the fact I basically just reposted two older vessels here`s a new one that I should`ve actually posted long ago ( Confused )

-The Revenger Class Light Cruiser:
[Image: wcdOOOAh.png]
*Good ol`invisi-barrel... You`ll see what I mean if you look at the rear most 183mm gun
- Eight Dual 183mm gun turrets firing HESH
- Five Dual 105mm gun turrets firing AP
- Seven 6-Barreled 36mm guns firing APDS
- Eight deck-launched Laser-guided VTMs
- Decent protection for size and cost along with reasonable use of shielding
- Broadside Vessel
- Lots`a small dakka
- Mobile at 28m/s~
Lore Synopsis:
The Revenger-class Light Cruiser was a proposed replacement to the aging Witch-class corvette. Featuring a substantial up-gunning and better armor as well as better speed quickly saw the adoption of this cruiser by the SAN. It saw combat on many fronts and was a ship well-respected by it`s crew as it could take them in and out of combat alive and well. The ship had such a high survivablity rate that not a single ship of it`s class was lost during the later stages of the DWG-SAN war and later into the OW-SAN war. It was not till the battle of coldloch that the class suffered their first 2 loses and it was also the last fight they would participate in under the SAN flag. Now an integral part of BFN commerce raids as well as AA support and small-scale firepower, the Revenger-class of ships serve 10 ships strong and are still a strong opponent to square of against.
Of note is the battle of the Fishing Bay, where a defending force 3 SAN Revengers along with 3 Large Armed Freighters squared off against an invading OW force of 4 mid-strength castle ships. Only a single freighter was lost and the remaining SAN ships received minor damage while the OW fleet was annihilated.
.blueprint   Revenger_Class_LightCruiser.blueprint (Size: 262.33 KB / Downloads: 222)
And since I`m bored:
-Squibbles-class mascot
[Image: 9eYV0kMh.png]
Firepower: Negligible (Doesn`t work XD)
-It`s cute.... In it`s own quirky, weird kinda way.
-Flies.... Somehow
Lore Synopsis:
Drunk along with some DWG shipwrights, a BFN ensign by the name of Aj decided to make a raft hunter "Search" drone reminiscent of his pet Octopus, Takoyaki-kun. The DWG shipwrights went along with it, whether it be out of drunken stuper or general craziness is uncertain (More like indifferentiable) in reports, and the first proto-type of OCTO (Original. Cool. Tracking. Octopus) was made. When questioned by Natural Resource Manager Gallardo what they should do with this "Waste of precious wood resource" the next day, the young ensign slurred out still mildly drunk "It`ll be our mascot! We`ll put it on all our ships to raise moral and scare off the all those darn bir--- I mean enemy scouts. We can call it... SQUIBBLES!". The young ensign had apparently confused a squid with the octopus-esque craft. Despite not being placed on ships (Out of embarrassment), it would none the less become a mascot... Of the Eriwick Fishing Village as the monument floating in the town square.
.blueprint   Squibbles.blueprint (Size: 37.51 KB / Downloads: 125)
^ *Has a serious problem when it comes to building.... Can never bother to change out of the wood building blocks*
Also loves making things fly..... Even if they really shouldn`t.
Makes the dirtiest, grimiest, Cringeworthy ship related puns ever.
[Image: aq47WXu.png]

Awesome. No other words
(2016-05-01, 04:31 AM)Zahringen Wrote: That name came back from Berthold I, The first Duke of Zahringen (zah-rin-gen), in his mighty Zahringen Castle in Germany.
never since the placing of the cornerstone of that castle in 1087 has it ever been butchered that bad.

These are truly glorious.

They make me want to get off my lazy arse and make a steampunk-esque airship campaign.
Maxim 69: Sometimes rank is a function of firepower.

Very engaging.

Terrifying ships.
A force as voracious as time itself.
A void as cryptic as reality itself.
An enigma as vexing as life itself.
[Image: HjaVgvK.jpg]

I wish I had a more interesting compliment to give other saying that these look awesome.

Veeeeery good looking. Please consider doing metal versions! I can see you were inspired by the DWG airships, but you manage a very modern look.

Very neat ships. Somewhere between DWG airships and modern/realistic stuff, and it looks pretty swell and I'd like to see more. Although maybe a bit more variation in hull shape would be nice Tongue
Sometimes finishes things.

Two new things in this post, however they are both small (Really small). Before I get to that however, I`m gonna bring up a few of my newest ideas. First off, a Lasor Escort type of ship with an asymmetric hull. I`m thinking something akin to to the way an aircraft carrier has it`s weapons and flight deck set-up. Secondly is an armoured cruiser similar to that of the Slug ships in Faster than Light. Next up is a flying galley or something like an Ironclad (Just, not as armoured Big Grin). What do you guys think I should do, because I personally have no idea as I want these to be major projects that I do and thus I want them to turn out well.

Anyways time for the ships:

Springer-Class Assault Balloon:
[Image: UsgMssoh.png]

- A single 140mm howitzer that fires a HESH shell

-Really, really cheap
-Super efficient on fuel
-A decent wolf pack ship for early game
-Lots of ACB do-dads (If you like that stuff)
-Meh speed of 7m/s~ But it can be increased by upping the hull mounted dediblade as well as the front mounted stabilizer.

Lore Synopsis:
Back before the arrival on Neter or even before the BFN and SAN existed, there was a planet far away. Most of the surface was inhospitable, whether it be due to the immense heat, massive storms ravaging the surface, toxic clouds belched from the planets molten core or other more menacing things lurking in the deep... However life thrived on mountain peaks and floating islands. Eventually intelligent life arose in these havens, and with intelligence came the need to expand it. This of course would mean having to leave their sanctuaries and they would need ways to travel across the skies. Airships were the only way to be able to explore the planet. These original vessels were intended to go long and far on journeys into new horizons, and armed just enough to protect themselves from the dangers that lurked in these foreign lands... And eventually each other.

A slightly more modernized version of these long forgotten machines. Salvaged from the bottom of Neters sea beds. Little is known about the stories behind these vessels. And even less is known about how they got there. One thing is for certain however and that is these vessels are seemingly connected to the BFN and SAN, despite these ships having been wrecked centuries, if not more, ago. An enemy seeing these is not only a sign of foreboding for the battle that`s about to come, but also a look into a strong history of adventure, turmoil and conquest, rooted in the skies.
.blueprint   Springer-Class Assault Balloon.blueprint (Size: 41.65 KB / Downloads: 141)

The Dragoon Light Bomber craft:
[Image: K9Hf0Kxh.png]

- One 6 barreled 54mm autocannon
- Four torpedoes
- Forty Magnetized Frag bombs

-Bombing run vessel
-No shields+ fragile
-Uses Missile bombs over CRAMS (Style points Big Grin)
-Largely aesthetic build with some early game usefulness
-Still has lots of room to slap stuff on.

Lore Synopsis:
The BFN needed a long range bomber that could not only have minor protection but also have a payload that could atleast damage smaller metal vessels. It was to be cheap and mass producible and with an ability to be upgraded further to adapt with technological advances. Formerly, the SAN disapproved of dedicated bombing and torpedo aircraft believing it to be a too specialized of a role and counter-intuitive to long range warfare. Thus the designers of the BFN were relatively inexperienced in the job. It was evident during design trials that aircraft lacked both speed and protection for it to be able suitably deal with any ship with AA. But it`s bombs were the key in the design. Able to shred deck armor if the bombs landed on top as well as being able to mine the water for a short period of time was a great boon in trials against dummies similar to the majority of OW ships. Thus it began it`s career of terrorizing DWG mercantile fleets and scarring the deck of castle ships earning it the name of the "DeckSwab"
.blueprint   Dragoon_Light_Bomber.blueprint (Size: 157.19 KB / Downloads: 129)
^ *Has a serious problem when it comes to building.... Can never bother to change out of the wood building blocks*
Also loves making things fly..... Even if they really shouldn`t.
Makes the dirtiest, grimiest, Cringeworthy ship related puns ever.
[Image: aq47WXu.png]

I love the Archenemy, it reminds me of the Arcadia.
Great job!

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