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(TRD) Juggler

This concept will replace the "Drone factory" Concept. I know from experience from working on TG that making a drone building ship is usually very large and not actually very effective at building stuff.
So, im replacing the concept.

The Juggler should have APCs with the "Gravaton Ram" shell part set to .5 torque minimum. Idea is to knock the target around as much as possible. Very small Knockback. Dont want things getting Knocked out of the battle range.

Using a railgun set up for extra coolness gets you bonus points.

Grav Ram APCs should be able to hurt the target, but if its not enough be sure to have other APCs on the design for damaging also.

Be sure to design thematically to fit Faction C.

Design can be Ship, hover, or air.

Dont forget the 3k volume limit.
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