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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-20, 04:06 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: Also here is a project i was working on:

"The Executioner"

The (faction name here) built an experimental ship
using the newly discovered PAC against planes.
Also this ship was nicknamed The Executioner because its main gun has the habit of tearing enemies apart with just one or two salvos.
After this performance it was painted black and red to strike terror in the enemies harths. Whenever this paint was visible on the Horizon the captians quickly turned their ships around and feared for thier lives.
Until today it is still unknown if this ship has been sunken, captured or is still being driven around the seas...

I've had a look at it, and identified the following issues:
  • No batteries. Particle cannons use energy from batteries to fire, so this is kind of a big deal.
  • Large turret at the front could stand to be recessed into the hull a bit (get the explodey bits belowdecks)
  • Overkill amounts of ammo. If that storage area goes up, a lot of the ship will go with it.
  • CRAMs should probably be replaced with APS or lasers - the Venom Lance don't use CRAMs.
  • Particle cannon is set for EMP. I'd rather EMP is only used by the Tides of Progress (the super sci-fi endgame faction), and even then sparingly (with exceptions for disruptor conduit shells), so piercing or impact might be a better choice. Either way it'll still be a Lamb good anti-air weapon.
  • Front and back could be a little sleeker, for reduced drag/detection range.
  • Deck is also a little flat, maybe make it a little sloped?
  • Really does not deal well with reversing, if it could be redesigned not to rely on hydrofoils that would be great.
  • Maybe repaint in fleet colours?

On the other hand, particle cannons are right up the Venom Lance's alley, though I'm still undecided as to whether they should be for stealth or speed designs. Also very effective anti-air when set up right. It also uses hollow-point kinetic ammo, so once ejectors are added to the design the damage from a hit to the cannon should be minimal. Also Lamb, its main gun tears the Bastion and even the Fortitude apart with barely any effort. I can see that max-gauge hollowpoints are something I need to look into. It's really going to need quite a bit of work, considering that it should be a stealth design, but weapon-wise and concept-wise it's worth adapting into a stealth frigate.

Sorry if this all seems a bit negative, by the way. If it's any consolation I'm even harder on my own designs.

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