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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-20, 10:29 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote:
(2016-07-20, 09:47 PM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Ok, I didn't know that. Makes it much more interesting honestly lol.

Haha, but have they looked under the outpost? Have there also been any....disappearances? (I'm just envisioning a Kraken lurking under it lol, either that or Xeno's Tongue )

Well, the outpost is situated in a resource zone formed from decades of refuse dumping, so there probably is something living down there...

...or it's just bubbles of gas from the rubbish down there that they're disturbing by mining the stuff... hopefully.

Ahhh. I recommend then not pissing it off, let your enemy do that.

It could be that......could be.... Probably not

Anyways! I've been attempting to build things in's hard. I'm not use to the ejectors yet so I'm uh....forgetting them and then remembering and having to tear designs apart to just fit them (that and I haven't built anything in FtD in a long while). ALSO does anyone know what kinda ammo setup is best for a 400mm semi-auto cannon I'm building (surprisingly it is rapid firing, however my previous ammo type (squash head, HE,HE,HE,Gunpowder x 6) was crap (didn't even get through 1 thick basic metal after putting something like 20 rounds into it), so I'm in need of a design that will do a good amount of explosive damage (since this is suppose to be an early game ship of mine (I like blowing DWG to bits.... Increases moral......that and if anyone betrays me, they get to walk the plank! On a raft that's being targeted by three of these!))). Furthermore I'd like to hold true to what my signature says! I'm also planning on building a Surcouf like submarine
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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