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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-20, 04:06 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: Also here is a project i was working on:

"The Executioner"

The (faction name here) built an experimental ship
using the newly discovered PAC against planes.
Also this ship was nicknamed The Executioner because its main gun has the habit of tearing enemies apart with just one or two salvos.
After this performance it was painted black and red to strike terror in the enemies harths. Whenever this paint was visible on the Horizon the captians quickly turned their ships around and feared for thier lives.
Until today it is still unknown if this ship has been sunken, captured or is still being driven around the seas...

I'll have a look at it later on. From what I can see in the screenshot it's got pretty sleek superstructure, so maybe it'll fit with the Venom Lance?

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