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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-19, 10:03 AM)StahlSentinel Wrote: Nice to hear from you!

For the Wreckers, heavy armour should only be used in very small amounts. They don't really have the resources or tech to repair it, so there's only a few slivers left over from when they captured it.
The Corensian Monarchy don't use heavy armour. Partially because their paddle-galleons are on the fine line between sinking and swimming without it. The majority of their hull should have at least two layers of metal.

Edit: If you still have the blueprints for the various planes you submitted that I considered using for the Venom Lance, I'd be interested in seeing alloy versions for use by the OWC who are undergoing a bit of a rework (Forged Embers will be getting helicopters, so figured OWC might as well use jets or thrustercraft instead of helis).

K, I'll put a small amount on (probably for citadels and the like).
Haha, so anything more and down to Davy Jones locker they go!

Yep, I should still have them lying around (fortunately most things I build I keep, whether or not it fails (since I can go back at a later date and fix them up)).

That reminds me actually, I've curved the front of the UAV so that way it's aerodynamic (instead of brute forcing it). However I'm gonna look into adding more weapons on it (I don't feel like it's justified yet). Only thing I haven't done is replace the armor with Light alloy but that's a quick step anyways Tongue.

The Seahawk has been fixed and is now able to fly without nose diving and the missiles have consistently proven their not gonna destroy it. I'll also be looking into adding more to this one.

(2016-07-19, 09:42 PM)StahlSentinel Wrote: Update on the Purgatory Outpost rebuild.

I now have three different cell-block buildings in a decent state.

Hardly 5-star accommodation, especially since they're built to roughly the same dimensions as those I build in Prison Architect...

...but hey, they're clean and have toilets. And don't smell too weird. Hell, they even have windows!


So? It's an outpost! It doesn't need to be comfortable (the lore for it could maybe be that it's manned by prisoners!). Haha, I can imagine that conversation with it's inhabitants:
"It smells a little weird here...."

"Don't worry about smell friend, worry about what caused smell!"

O.O *gulp*
"If you’re leaving scorch-marks, you need a bigger gun"

"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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