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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-19, 06:09 AM)Gaurdian23 Wrote: Sorry for not being on the forums for a while. Unfortunately due to the recent update I've decided to do a total rebuilding of my fleet.... which is a problem since I have a youtube series of this lol. SO until I have something to show for with that (which honestly is gonna be a bit since I've got a lot going on) I'm not gonna be able to design anything for a while. Once I'm back though I'll be posting a monitor class vessel and the prototype I promised (since I'm really looking forward to designing it). Also do you want the monitors to be made of heavy armor?

Nice to hear from you!

For the Wreckers, heavy armour should only be used in very small amounts. They don't really have the resources or tech to repair it, so there's only a few slivers left over from when they captured it.
The Corensian Monarchy don't use heavy armour. Partially because their paddle-galleons are on the fine line between sinking and swimming without it. The majority of their hull should have at least two layers of metal.

Edit: If you still have the blueprints for the various planes you submitted that I considered using for the Venom Lance, I'd be interested in seeing alloy versions for use by the OWC who are undergoing a bit of a rework (Forged Embers will be getting helicopters, so figured OWC might as well use jets or thrustercraft instead of helis).

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