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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-07-12, 03:17 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: So, this is the ID "Sanctum"
-22.4K misc. storage
-4 gatherers and drills
- also added a special "gimmick" for this fort. =)
its not painted because i want your opinion on it first so i dont have to unpaint it before changing something.

Having had a look at it, I really like this. Can't really figure out the "gimmick" unless it's that it's a fort inside a fort.

The only real issues I have with it are:
  • Turret is APS and lacks ammo ejectors - if that thing gets hit, the AI is going to go with it. Given that it's going to be used by the first faction though, this is an acceptable weakness, given that it has pretty good ranged firepower.
  • Could probably use something to make the outside and turret look a little more interesting - as it stands it's basically a box with a turret on top. The Iron Devotion favours ridges topped with spikes on the sides of superstructure, so that might work.
  • Following on from that, attaching some sort of cloisters/attached rooms to make it less boxy could be interesting. This should be a civilian resource gatherer, so living quarters or something of the sort would work well. It would also give some room for installing detection equipment.

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