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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-25, 08:47 AM)StahlSentinel Wrote: The lore for the Flying Corensian is that it was originally a rather old Corensian Monarchy ship (made of wood and hence outdated) that was stolen from a museum and put in the skies due to its name.

Just so you know what the various versions look like:
This is the old, ugly version which is basically a modified Volley.

This is the version I'm building which may or may not get finished at some point. The damage is fake.

K, that actually looks very nice! It's currently beating what I've got lol.

(2016-06-25, 08:47 AM)StahlSentinel Wrote: The ironclad for the Wreckers is probably going to be less of a prototype and more "something that got stuck on a sandbank and stolen" (though the Forged Embers are still miffed). Like the Flying Corensian, it's one of the older ships, so can use paddle-wheels. Unfortunately, I haven't really figured out what gimmick I want the Embers to represent - although the heavy armour added in the latest devtest does give me some ideas - and I'm waiting for steam engines to be added before I start on them because reasons.

The Embers and the Monarchy have a trade agreement, however, so old Ember ironclads could be added to the Monarchy's fleet and Duke Jorgenson has an interest in building Corensia some ironclads since paddle-galleons have some pretty glaring weaknesses.

I should have explained better XD. What I mean by prototype is the first of her class. What I came up with so far was that she was given a novice Captain who may or may not be the son of an Admiral. During her Maiden voyage the Captain took the opportunity to attack an invading Reefback Wreckers force, all the while not heeding the navigators warning and ended up shredding the keel on the sandbars. As such they abandoned it and the Reefback Wreckers took it. In an attempt to reclaim his honor (since after this he and his son was the laughing stock of the navy) he had the engineer who built it up armor the next version and add more weapons and took the next one as his flagship and began hunting the stolen 'prototype'. Ironically what I drew up actually has paddle wheels lol, I was gonna remove it but I'll leave it for the Reefback wreckers version. Now that you say it actually I'm not gonna build any ships for them then, I think the heavy armor would be perfect. As for steam engines I wouldn't hold your breath too long. Nick has admitted that they won't be out for a while due to how much code it will take.

K, I'll design some ironclads for Corensia then in the meantime as well.

(Again sorry for not replying for a while)
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"If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win."

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