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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-27, 07:44 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: If you have already thought of a name, what did you call the HQ i built? Wink

Purgatory outpost is basically a prison of sorts - I built it quick and shoddy, it won't stand up to any amount of hostile action.
Unfortunately, I haven't named the HQ yet. I want to make sure that it has a grandiose and intimidating name with some religious connotation/connection.
It is in the game though, as "Iron Devotion HQ". It doesn't have a location and resource zone yet, but will do soon.

TBH, I've been focusing on the very start of the campaign, since this part is usually the most problematic for the player.

(2016-06-27, 07:44 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: Also, i am working on some sort of swimming bunker
The "C.H.U.N.C.E.R" (Cram, Hydro, Using Nano-Core ERadicator)
It is not going to be very big and the "Nano-Core" just means
AI-mainframe, whilst "Hydro" means ship in this instance.

Which faction is this intended for? From the sound of it (swimming bunker) I'd assume it's for the Corensian Monarchy or Reefback Wreckers. Curious as to what it's going to be.

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