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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

(2016-06-23, 04:49 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: NEW and PAINTED!


-removed "horns"
-RoF of main gun increased to 4
-removed overclock on 120mm adv.
-RoF of "Frag-Nailers" reduced to 1500 from 2400
-RoF of secondary CRAMs increased from 4.5 to 6
-max engagement distance added to Torpedos

I really like the paint job you've given this.
I'll be integrating this in a bit, once I've tweaked it some more and thought of a name for it.
So far:
  • Changed the torps to standard anti-sub types. Not that the fort needs any more defence against subs with its spectacular miniguns, but better safe than sorry, eh?
  • Removed missile warner spinners.
  • Fixed the orientation of some stairs so the player can walk up them (assuming they ever get through the defenses).
  • Armoured up the miniguns a bit more for maximum relative safety.
  • CRAM tweaking
  • Added a LUAbox with a fortress height script so it stays at the correct altitude.
  • Miscellaneous missile tweaking (mostly ejector-based)
  • Moved NPC spawner to a less vulnerable location

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