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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

So... here it is: the HQ for the Iron Devotion!

-64000 storage of each resource
-Gatherers & Oil Drills
-2 NPC
-Repair bots and tentacles
-9000 blocks
-22000 Volume
-the inside looks like a giant cathedral
-Neat control room
-Orange lights on main Gun

-1 Dual CRAM 1x pure FRAG 1x pure HE
-2 single HE CRAM
-2 4x HeFrag Missiles (75% thrust)
-2 9x Ejected one-turn Frag missiles (70% thrust)
-2 6-barrel 53mm "frag-nailer" Miniguns on the sides
-1 2x1 barrel 120mm adv. cannon
-1 4x "dumb" torpedos (no guidance but big BOOM and fast)

Missile interceptors (6) and 3 flares.
still no paint though.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Iron Devotion HQ.blueprint (Size: 423.34 KB / Downloads: 11)
You can't classify something as "spaghetti"
if you don't have something "non-spaghetti"
to compare it to.

-A kind Ale War

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